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Scholarship Keys for International Students

Scholarship Keys for International Students

Scholarship Keys is an elite, multi-functional mobile scholarship application that allows International students access to the same scholarships, grants, and financial-aid programs offered to U.S. citizens. Both U.S. citizens and International students can generate unique Scholarship Keys to access lucrative Scholarship Applications offered around the world, as well as the Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dirty Tanikka Queen: Las Vegas Teacher Admits Perversity Against Student

Dirty Tanikka Queen: Las Vegas Teacher Admits Perversity Against Student

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. Tanikka Queen: Las Vegas Teacher Admits Perversity. Another Clark County School District employee caught in a perverted act under the leadership of Pat Skorkowsky. Since Pat Skorkowsky has become Superintendent of the Clark County School District, many teachers and educators have used his hiring and lack of leadership as a badge to engage in perversity and attacks against students. The pattern is all too familiar: A desperate Clark County School District Employee is soliciting a student for cheap, dirty, and illicit sex because the teacher is too ugly, too dumb, or too immoral to find a suitable adult. UNLV graduate Tanikka Queen has disgraced UNLV, and added fuel to the claim that UNLV degrees dont' really mean too much.

Las Vegas High-School Teacher Tanikka Queen
Caught Acting Like A Four-Legged Animal

In May 2013, Amanda Brennan, a Las Vegas Foothill High School teacher was caught acting like an untrained animal. She was caught red-handed with a kid boy. Instead of distributing literature about Nevada Scholarships, and Grants to Nevada students, or directing students to download our Google play scholarships app, this sorry, pathetic, and no-good tramp was more interested in satisfying her bizarre attraction to kid boys. According to her arrest report, Tanikka Queen seems to have taken pages out of the

How-To-Molest-A-Boy book by infamous and stinking child molester Laura Whitehurst. Tannike Queen (a/k/a/ Jungle Queen Tannika) has never publicly apologized to every concerned parent in Nevada for her actions. Child Molester women appear to have turned the sting of adult male rejection into a weapon against little boys. A 15 year-old kid is a boy from any definition. Arab culture is an option that religious stalwarts in America may want to consider when dealing with adult women and adult male perverts. In Arab culture, stoning is an option for insubordinate perverts who cannot function in a civilized society of clean-minded, moral, correct-minded, and upright persons who have normal thinking processes, and who desire to promote the fantastic scholarships and grants sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars.

Dirty Tanikka Queen Never Promoted Nevada Scholarships

Nevada Scholarships

Dirty Tanikka Queen Never Promoted our Nevada Scholarships. Dirty Tanikka Queen Never told Nevada students to download the best scholarship smart-phone application (Scholarship Keys) on Google Play, and most likely never Nevada students to register for our Nevada scholarships and grants. Despite this great smart-phonefact,what was Tannika Queen doing? Playing with a kid boy to fulfill her demented, and depraved desires. The desperate, homely, 22-year-old Tanikka Queen, a Clark County School District employee, was charged with multiple counts for allegedly having a perverted, dirty, and inappropriate sexual affair with a 15-year-old kid boy. All Nevada teachers have an option of promoting the Best Nevada Scholarships to Nevada students. Tannika Queen rejected the Best Nevada Scholarships that we sponsor but she accepted the sleazy time she spent with a kid boy. Apparently, it was more important for her to nourish her dirty mind than helping Nevada students go to college. This Clark County School District arrest is the latest in a long string of embarrassing cases for Pat Skorkowsky of the Nevada Clark County School District. As the Superintendent, he approves the policies in place to hire and fire employees. Even though it is simple to prevent perverts from being hired, Pat Skorkowsky is too busy posting fake youthful pictures on websites operated by the Clark County School District.

A license to Rape Students issued by Clark County School District
Nevada Tramp Amanda Brennan

Nevada Scholarships

In May 2013, Clark County School District employee and Foothill High-School teacher, Amanda Brennan, 24, was arrested on two counts of luring a child and a count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The Mickey Mouse charges by the sissy Nevada prosecutors don't really tell the whole story. An adult female molested and/or raped an under-age boy. Period. Not only are Nevada prosecutors afraid to charge licensed school-district female teachers with the actual crimes that are committed, the Nevada judicial system encourages child rape by sentencing such persons to probation. In fact, if a person wanted to legally (get away with it via probation) rape a Nevada student all it takes is a teaching license from the Clark County School District. Amanda Brennan was offered probation, and so was Tannika Queen. CCSD officials should know plenty about rape. They raped and misused the world-famous NAAS trademark for several years until their pimp accrediting association, Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, was legally forced to cease their illegal practices. UNLV officials knew that the NAAS trademark was registered and still some of their employees were in on the fake accreditation scheme.

Investigate Tanikka Queen for Not Promoting Nevada Scholarships

Did Tanikka Queen endanger the health amd safety of Nevada youth? Does Tanikka Queen have HIV? Does Tannika Queen have Herpes? Does Tannika Queen have open sores around her body? The general Nevada public needs to be safe against another potential sexually perverted attack by Tannika Queen. The local Nevada Disrict attorney charged her with 29 charges following her arrest in March. The suspected tramp was a Hyde Park Middle School substitute teacher accused of having a relationship with a teen. At no time did she discuss, or share Nevada scholarships, or grants sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars.

Nevada Prosecutors Wimp Out: Jungle Fever Prevents Prosecution of Tannika Queen

Criminal Black women child molesters in Nevada should be happy. By recommending probation to Tannika Queen, and by dropping almost all of the original 29 felony charges, Nevada prosecutors are acknowledging that child rape in Nevada schools is condoned. The soft, Jungle Fever, local district attorney Steve Wolfson has reneged on his previous public claims that he wanted to send a message about the broken trust of Tannkia Queen with a Clark County School District student. It is a shame that the gender and race of Tannika Queen weakens Jungle Fever prosecutors. Previously, this wretched and filthy low-life molester was facing at least 29 state criminal charges. However, an April 2014 report from a local Nevada newspaper now claims that nearly all of her charges have been dismissed and that a plea bargain similar to Amanada Brennan is the more likely outcome. Instead of facing criminal charges that include multiple counts of kidnapping, statutory sexual conduct and luring a child with technology, along with one count of sexual conduct between an employee and a student, and more than 50 years behind bars, Tannika Queen is likely to simply go to Disneyland and ignore her crimes altogether. Probation is not a punishment. Probation encourages criminals to commit more crimes. Thank you Mr. Wolsfon for being a total failure and coward.

Nevada Students Deprived of Scholarships and Grants

Tannika Queen allegedly sent 2,400 text messages from her own cellphone and more than 100 dirty phone calls and tramp-like photos were allegedly exchanged to a kid boy. It is unfortunate that this 22-year old suspected female monster has potentially poisoned the mind of this kid boy and that she used her perverted, dirty, and disgusting thoughts to indulge in her own demented forms of self-pleasure. Instead of directing Nevada students to call our Education Advisor, she was playing Jungle Queen with a student. I am writing a letter today to the local State Bar and presiding Judge and encouraging federal officials to pursue federal charges, and demand that Tanikka Queen be tested for HIV. African-American women have the highest incidence of HIV and this suspect should be tested as well.

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Scholarship Keys: The smart-phone mobile application

Scholarship Keys

Scholarship Keys is an elite, multi-functional mobile scholarship application that targets scholarship applicants and educators in all five continents. What makes this smart-phone application so enterprising and revolutionary is that it functions as both a scholarship search engine scanner of major scholarship search engines; a scholarship news application for all U.S. states; as well as a Scholarship Key generator for students all over the world. Students from the U.K., Canada, Africa, Europe, Asia, India and all continents of the world now have the same access to scholarships and grants as students from the U.S.A. Virtually every country is represented. The continents represented include North America (the U.S.A. and Canada), Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.