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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Scholarship World

Scholarship World: a directory of companies and persons offering scholarships, and financial-aid products and services

Scholarship World parallels and compliments our Scholarship Directory. Scholarship World is an online directory of companies and persons offering scholarships, financial-aid products and servicesfor students, parents, and educators seeking financial-aid related products and services for college-bound students. We welcome all businesses that provide products and services to students getting ready for college or pursuing a higher education to consider submitting a listing in our Scholarship World. Our Scholarship World is mobile friendly and has numerous features, and unlimited benefits.

When students are searching for scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, or when business seek to reach students that are college-bound, our Scholarship World is perfectly suited for such situations. The Scholarship World can be accessed via a Tablet, Smart-Phone, Desktop, or Laptop and have the same features. There is no fee to access or review any listings in the Scholarship World. The reach and scope of the Scholarship World compliments social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest.

Scholarship World is Free to Browse. Requires No login or Access Fees

Scholarship World is Free to Browse. Our directory of financial-aid products, and services, and related student gear requires no login or access fees. Companies that are seeking to be listing or to advertise their products or services are required to pay listing fees. The Scholarship World does not require that a scholarship applicant register his/her name, address, and all that stuff. Just visit and browse our Scholarship World to find the appropriate financial-aid products or services that you are seeking. If you have a business, product, or service that is related to financial-aid,scholarships, auto insurance, or any product or service that students should be aware as they prepare for college, or which adult students may be interested in, then please submit a paid listing to The Official Scholarship World.

Scholarship World Listing Benefits

The benefits are enormous, and will provide a great marketing platoform for any business or person offering products or services to students and/or adults seeking to continue their education. When you submit a paid listing, we offer a free complimentary listing in our Official Scholarship Directory. For a listing of the benefits that we offer in our basic Scholarship Direcotry, please refer to this link: Scholarship Directory Benefits Submit your businses listing to the Official Scholarship World today and enjoy these benefits immedidately:

  1. A paid advertiser can easily manage and display business and/or listing information that includes a physical storefront address or simply an online web address;
  2. A paid advertiser can easily manage and display their social media links to their social media pages; Facebook; Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  3. A paid advertiser can easily manage and display their Google Map address, and special coupon deals;
  4. A paid advertiser can easily manage and display important press releases;
  5. A paid advertiser has a free complimentary listing in our Basic Scholarship Directory;
  6. A paid advertiser pays only once a year. There are no monthly fees;
  7. A paid advertiser gets free technical support throughout the term of the listing agreement;
  8. A paid advertiser enjoys access the prestige of having a business listed on the website sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars.

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