Sunday, June 22, 2014

California High-School teacher Michael Granger Accused of Dirty Sex Acts

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Teachers Gone Wild: California High-School teacher Michael Granger Accused of dirty acts. He did not Distribute California High School Scholarships

Last year, the Scholarship Committee of National Academy of American Scholars reports that they sent to numerous teachers, including Michael Granger, an English teacher at the University High School in Irvine,CA, a series of California High School Senior scholarship applications to be distributed to students at the University High School. Students at University High School, in Irvine, CA, had been regular scholarship applicants for scholarships, grants, and financial-aid sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars.

Michael Jay Granger, 32, an English teacher at University High School, was taken into custody last week in connection with engaging in filthy or lewd conduct with the student, according to an Irvine Police Department statement. the Irvine high school teacher has been accused of dirty, awful, filthy, and disgusting acts. What is even more appalling, he is accused of this dirty conduct with a student who was probably eligible to apply for California Scholarships sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. Police accused Michael Jay Granger of allowing his dirty body or mind to be interested in a young student. Irvine Police said the relationship was not discovered until the girl's parents found a string of text messages between the pair. It is unclear if Michael Jay Granger infected the young victim with HIV or some other sexually-transmitted disease. Why Mr. Granger was allegedly soliciting a 15-year old kid instead of adult women is not clear. Why was Mr. Granger not attending L.A. nightclubs or entertainment spots to meet real women? A kid girl is not a woman.

No California Scholarship Applications Were Being Promoted by Michael Jay Granger

Instead of focusing exclusively on California Scholarship and grants sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars for California High-School Seniors, Michael Jay Granger was apparently too busy satisfying his perverted desires to be with a kid half his age, according to police reports. Michael Jay Granger had every possible opportunity to share valuable scholarships, grants, and financial-aid with University High School students. Instead of sharing and discussing scholarships and grants, he was apparently sharing his dirty thoughts. The alleged illicit conduct between Michael Jay Granger and student was suspected by the young girl's parents. Her parents found a series of suspicious text messages, as well as sordid tales of physical interactions on social media accounts. In the aftermath of his arrest, parents are wondering why was Michael Jay Granger even hired in the first place, and why he was not even promoting the scholarships, and grants, sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars? California  Scholarships

No Charges Filed and No Prosecution of Michael Jay Granger

A review of my article concerning Laura Whitehurst ( a California teacher who molested several boys and was sentenced to less than a year in jail), should serve that Michael Jay Granger will neither be charged or sentenced in this case. Teacher molestation is rampant by white-collar teachers because they know very well that most California prosecutors do not have the stomach or guts to prosecute white-collar criminals who reside in the suburbs. California high-school teacher Michael Jay Granger more than likely believes that no jail time will result and that his background and community standing will prove to be more valuable than any child molestation allegations. Race matters. Gender matters. Socioeconomics also matters. Laura Whitehurst proved that she could molest multiple boys, become pregnant by a kid, face over 30 felony charges by a show-boating prosecutor, and when it came time for the California prosecutor Melissa Rodriguez to show the courage to prosecute her, Melissa Rodriguez blinked and instead opted for less than a year in jail.

Irvine police Cmdr. Julia Engen publicly claims that The safety of our students is a high priority.. This is the same B.S. that Melissa Rodriguez said when she was supposed to be prosecuting infamous molester Laura WhiteHurst. Instead, Melissa Rodriguez ultimately would kiss the rear-end of the suspect she wss supposed to be prosecuting. If California could not prosecute Laura WhiteHurst, then how is California going to prosecute Michael Jay Granger? Michael Jay Granger might as well as take a vacation and pretend that his arrest was nothing but a Disneyland visit. He has nothing to fear from any California prosecutor.

Instead of facing a criminal prosecution for child molestation with over 30 felony charges against her, Laura WhiteHurst faced a social celebration for child molestation. She even smiled after her toy sentence. Spineless coward California prosecutor Melissa Rodriguez dropped over 30 charges, and allowed Laura Whitehurst to escape a prison sentence.

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Las Vegas-Clark County Library District Censors Valuable Nevada Scholarships

Las Vegas-Clark County Library District Censors Valuable Nevada Scholarships

A recent post on the Facebook of the Clark County Library read as follows: This week the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District has 40 new bestsellers, 300 new videos, 14 new audio books, 78 new music CDs, 271 new children's books, and 562 other new books... What this pathetic Las Vegas-Clark County Library District failed to mention was the number and volume of websites that it censors. If Cliven Bundy did not awaken the world to the severe and persistent problems of justice, education, and racism in Nevada, or if the hiring of Clark County School District Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky did not give businesses another reason to pause before investing in Nevada, consider the routine practice of a state-funded library censoring websites of students looking for scholarships, grants, and financial-aid.

Las Vegas-Clark County Library Censorship Scheme Details

Las Vegas-Clark County Library is engaging a brazen scheme that works like this: Nevada students and other users of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District computers are being provided a bogus, misleading, and deceptive message when they try to visit popular websites that voice criticism of the Clark County School District, the education system of Nevada, and the rampant extent of students molestations that take place in the Clark County School District. Although the websites are teen safe, have no adult images, have no profanity, and even if the user is over 18 years old, censored websites are programmed not be accessed by the user. Instead, an error message is created that reads as: Internal Error has occurred. When the same user access the exact same pages or website from another computer that is not connected to either the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District or the Clark County School District, there are no problems.