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Monday, March 3, 2014

Picture Fraud by Pat Skowkorsky of the Clark County School District.

Use of Outdated Pictures by Pat Skowkorsky are a Common Tactic by Teacher Molesters

Physical Images are what child molesters use to snare youth and children. Morally straight, and intelligent male educators who have no pre-conceived notions of child exploitation do not post pictures of themselves on their employer's website that are 10 or 20 years younger than their current age. Who is Pat Skowkorsky of the Nevada Clark County School District trying to attract? Why is he posting youthful pictures of himself on the FaceBook pages of the Clark County School District website? Why is he posting youthful pictures of himself on the FaceBook pages of the Clark County School District facebook pages? Why haven't the educators and dunces that run the Clark County School District put an immediate stop to this overt display of ego? Is Pat Skowkorsky of Russian heritage? This would partially explain his conduct.

Obviously, Pat Skowkorsky is not interested in the much older women who appointed him to his position. Also, Pat Skowkorsky is not attracted to the older, donut-eating, overweight, women that work in the Clark County School District office. So, who is left except the students? Who in the hell ever said Pat Skowkorsky was moral? Certainly not me, that's for sure.

This is vivid evidence that incompetent persons are being entrusted to ensure the education of Nevada youth. The Clark county School District allows Pat Skowkorsky to post a youthful picture on a tax-payer supported website without regard to the true intentions of Pat Skowkorsky. Why won't the idiots who appointed Pat Skowkorsky accept outdated driver's licenses that are 10 years old, or outdated utility statements from students? This is just one of many acts of incompetence, immaturity, and gross stupidity that is attributed to hiring persons that are privileged, yet unqualified and who refused to be hired by traditional methods that involve real competition.

Picture Fraud is a common personality trait of perverts that work in the school district and elsewhere.

Dear Mr. Pervert. We are not concerned with what you looked like 20 years ago. We are not concerned with what you looked like 5 years ago, or 3 years ago. We are concerned with you making Nevada the best location for education in the world. We are concerned that the Clark County School District has a track reoord of association with Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (an organization that illicit packaged accreditation programs using a registered trademark, and this fact was ignored by the Clark County School District.

Moreover, Mr. Pervert you are not doing enough in promoting, endorsing, and recommending the outstanding scholarships, grants, and financial-aid opportunties to Nevada youth and moms that are sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. Focus on education and not what skirt or penis you can attract with a youthful picture. Put your current picture up. Attentive parents are concerned about your lack of maturity and focus on your past youth. In the event that an arrest warrant needs to be served upon you for molesting a Nevada youth, police would like to know who to look for.

The only purpose I can gather as to why a professional person in the spotlight desires to post youthful pictures that do not represent their current age is for the purpose of being a predator. A predator must present himself/herself in the best possible light and appear to be youthful. Such false pictures on the Clark County School District creates the appearance that the School District is being used for the perverse purposes of luring young female or homosexual male students to have a better impression of the person committing the picture fraud.

One can only imagine the uproar if Dwight Jones had posted a youthful picture of himself on the website of the Clark County School District.

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