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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Teachers Gone Wild: Redlands teacher Laura Whitehurst Accused of filthy sex

Teachers Gone Wild: Redlands teacher Laura Whitehurst Accused of filthy sex

Last year, the Scholarship Committee of National Academy of American Scholars reports that they sent to numerous teachers, including Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst, a teacher at Citrus Valley High School, a series of scholarship applications to be distributed to students at her high-school. The 28 year-old teacher never responded to their written requests that eligible students be notified of important California Scholarship opportunities.

Now, we know why Laura Whitehurst was so busy. Last week, local and national media report that high-school teacher Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst was arrested on suspicion of having perverted, inappropriate, and unlawful sex with a student. The Redlands Police Department confirmed the arrest of the Redlands high-school teacher. Redlands Police also claim Whitehurst gave birth to a child police say was fathered by a teenage student.

Statutory Rape Allegation Against Laura Whitehurst

What is the legal definition of rape? Depending upon how you want to dance around the term, several definitions describe the same act. Different states use different definitions. Many Americans simply use one four-letter word, beginning with the letter 'F.' Legal scholars and legal dictionary books define statutory rape as sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of consent. However, given the U.S. Constitutional equality of the male and female, and pursuant to the mathematical theory of the substitution property of equality, it is clear that girl may be interchanged with boy and have no material affect on the legal definition of rape.

In the instant case of Ms. Laura Whitehurst, it is alleged hereon that an act of rape (i.e, inappropriate and/or abusive sex with a person(s) under the age of consent) took place. The definition hereon is immaterial to the consent or perceived "enjoyment" of the victim(s) and parallels the current criminal charge(s) against Ms. Laura Whitehurst. Clearly, rape laws need to be updated to take into account the emerging gross perversity of certain sectors of the female species, whose conduct appears to be motivated by both known and unknown social variables.

Laura Whitehurst Refuses to Distribute California Scholarship Applications

Mark Kantrowitz, whom the national media has fraudulently labeled as a "financial-aid expert", claims there is no such thing as "unclaimed" scholarships. Given the fact that this purported "financial-aid expert", and clever, publicity-seeking, self-promotion artist, has never managed a multi-million dollar portfolio of scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, it is easy for him to speculate, to guess, and to create the illusion of him having "expert" knowledge on a topic he is ill-qualified to address.

Teachers like Laura Whitehurst and guidance department personnel have their own personal or political agenda. Contrary to the statements of self-purported "financial-aid experts", unclaimed scholarships are a huge problem, and do in fact exist just like unclaimed assets in state coffers. It is more common than you think. National Academy of American Scholars reports correctly that millions of scholarship dollars go unclaimed every year. Scholarship sponsors may distribute scholarship literature to schools, teachers, and guidance departments, but the same schools may not distribute the literature, or may do so sparingly. The reasons vary. Therefore, few eligible students are notified of scholarship awards if his/her guidance department or teacher fails to notify the student. The blunt fact of the matter is that unclaimed scholarships and allegations of teacher molestations do exist; this fact contradicts the incompetent claims of media pet Mark Kantrowitz.

More victims of Alleged Rapist Laura Whitehurst Come Forward

News reports indicate that alleged rapist Laura Whitehurst was not content with just one single teenage boy. The unattractive, homely-looking, and apparently desperate teacher is alleged to have went after multiple teen boys. As of the date and time of this writing, at least three teen boys have come forward and claimed they were in a dirty relationship with alleged rapist Laura Whitehurst. Despite these claims, Laura Whitehurst remains unjailed because the crime-friendly judge set a bail amount that was the equivalent of a parking ticket.

One of the alleged victims that is willing to speak on the record is now a 22-year-old adult male. Michael Cooper claims he had a sexual affair with the disgraced Laura Whitehurst. However, Michael Cooper also filed a police report and told authorities he does not wish to press charges. A recent picture of Michael Cooper shows him looking rather effeminate, equally unattractive, and wearing two earrings. Earrings are common accessories for women, and effeminate men. In fact, Michael Cooper claimed I didn't feel like a victim; I'm not scarred for life or anything. To be honest, I had a good time when it was going on..

Given his appearance, and the appearance of his partner (alleged rapist Laura Whitehurst), it is not surprising that he thinks he enjoyed the acts of suspected demon Laura Whitehurst, and her apparently dirty body. Psychiatrists report that when two desperate people get together, the common result is a failure and neither person is willing to admit it. What is apparently not being discussed is whether or not Michael Cooper should be charged as being an accessory to rape or some other criminal act since he now admits he had a "good time." In addition, did he have a legal duty to bring this alleged female monster to the attention of law enforcement?

How is it legally possible for two persons to be involved in a mutually consenting criminal act, and only person is charged? Another possibility to explore is whether or not Michael Cooper raped his own teacher, and the teacher refused to press charges?; this sort of judicial musical chairs is typically played against African-American males who engage in inappropriate or appropriate sexually-related acts with Caucasian teachers or young and attractive Caucasian women. Michael Cooper need not fear this allegation since, by all appearances, he is not African-American.

Awestruck Michael Cooper Not Properly
Schooled by Laura Whitehurst

Michael Cooper claims he is not scarred by his dirty encounter with an apparently desperate woman that is now the subject of national media attention. True, Michael Cooper may not have any physical scars. His choice of words suggests that Michael Cooper is nothing but an awestruck boy that cannot understand that the worst scars are not physical. Apparently, his partner in whoredom never taught him the principle concepts of true manhood and masculinity because she was only interested in her own perverse and morally wicked self-indulgence. Michael Cooper has not felt the wrath of God, cannot comprehend that God has a billion different ways to implement His revenge, and neither does Michael Cooper know the exact time, date,circumstance, or hour when God will execute His mighty wrath.

Laura Whitehurst Sex Scandal Affects on California Scholarships

Redlands police claim that Laura Whitehurst had filthy sex with an under-age minor. Moreover, the police also claim that this Teacher-Gone-Wild woman seduced a boy to impregnate her dirty body. What the main-stream media does not discuss is the real prospect of the teen being infected with HIV, Herpes, trichomoniasis, and other sexually-induced diseases or medical issues that might have been ongoing with Laura Whitehurst or her partners. The alleged conduct of Laura Whitehurst is disgusting, appalling, unethical, and extremely perverted. If true, Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst needs to be prosecuted for aggravated sexual assault, not the simple kindergarten charge of unlawful intercourse. Unfortunately, the weak male prosecutors of the case and the crime-friendly judge most likely will not have the guts to treat this suspect like a real crime suspect involved in a brutal rape, abuse, and child endangerment. Civilized members of society simply cannot tolerate a teacher who:

  1. Fails or refuses to distribute valuable and informative California Scholarship literature to California students;
  2. Spends more time scheming to participate in filthy and perverted sex than administering the academic duties of her classroom.
  3. Engages in the rape, abuse, and/or sexual exploitation of young boys and/or young girls who are incapable of defending themselves against sophisticated adult perverts.

Fortunately, the Laura Whitehurst sex arrest has no affect on the California Scholarships that we sponsor, or on pending California scholarship applications. However, this Scholarship Blog intends to continue to address affairs and news that have direct and indirect impacts on our mission to get the word out about the great scholarships that we sponsor. Teachers have an ethical duty to not only distribute scholarship literature to eligible students, but also to provide direct hyperlinks to the website of scholarship sponsors.

Message to Laura WhiteHurst, Teen Predators, and persons whom fail to distribute California Scholarship Literature

I understand that the judicial system in all U.S. cities, counties, and towns may not be completely fair. I understand that the accused is considered innocent until or unless proven guilty. I assume that Laura Whitehurst is innocent, but I am not going to dismiss the self-incriminating public statements of her apparent partner Michael Cooper. I understand that the inability of the American Judicial system to consistently and fairly prosecute and punish certain persons due to their hair-color, social-status, celebrity-status, or eye-color or other characteristics makes it difficult to prosecute real criminals.

I understand that an unfair judicial system encourages suspected and convicted criminals like James Holmes, Tim McVeigh, Casey Anthony, Lindsey Lohan, rappers, Adam Laza, Christopher Dorner, etc to demonstrate disrespect for the same judicial or law enforcement system they have benefitted from.

However, the ability to "beat" the system and win a low bail, receive a reduced charge, befriend a crime-friendly judge, or be sent to a cupcake camp rather than being incarcerated into a hard-core prison where minorities and poor whites are sent to, will only inflate this Free-Speech post. Laura WhiteHurst, if in fact, you committed the horrendous crimes alleged, and if you in fact raped these teenage boys or seduced them to engage in a perverted act, gross sins, and/or high crimes, then please confess. If any person knows of any other teacher(s) or educator currently engaging in any improper act(s) with any teenage boy or girl, then please refer the facts to your local law enforcement branch.

California Prosecutor Recommends No Punishment for Laura WhiteHurst

Read the sentencing of Laura WhiteHurst

For California Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid,  not distributed by Laura Whitehurst, please see this page:
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