Monday, March 4, 2013

Dump Antonio Villaraigosa as L.A. Mayor

Dump Antonio Villaraigosa as L.A. Mayor

This week voters in Los Angeles are being tasked with the responsibility of either selecting a new Mayor or retaining the current Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. In 2005, Antonio Villaraigosa rode a massive wave of previous undocumented workers, suspect citizens, good-hearted Hispanics and Latinos who voted to make him the city's first Hispanic/Mexican mayor since 1872.

The election of 2005 confirmed the clout of the fast-growing Latino/Hispanic/Mexican population and turned Antonio Villaraigosa into an instant celebrity. With his fingers in the cookie jar, and his penis not far behind, Antonio Villaraigosa was quick to make use of his celebrity position and newfound status.

Sure, Antonio Villaraigosa participated in the politics of the city. Voted on various political issues. Discussed rising deficts. Debated with the School Board, and became the best of friends with the local L.A. Police Chief.

The real prize, however, of becoming Mayor for Antonio Villaraigosa was access to beautiful women and disrespecting professional women. Like an immature, childish, and brazen thug, Antonio Villaraigosa quickly used his position to explot the opportunity for extra-marital affairs. The ones that the public are aware of include his sexual affair with Telemundo TV news anchorwoman Mirthala Salinas, a a multi-talented Latina/Hispanic.

In July of 2007, Antonio Villaraigosa remarked publicly that "I have a relationship with Ms. Salinas, and I take full responsibility for my actions." He indicated the illicit, dirty, and immoral affair had been going on for about a year. Therefore, if we assume this irresponsible politician is for once in his life telling us the truth, his affiar can be traced back to 2006.

No affair takes places immediately, even one involving men like Antonio Villaraigosa. First, Antonio Villaraigosa laid the seeds of the affair. We can estimate that the real beginning of the affair most likely started when Mirthala Salinas actually met Antonio Villaraigosa.

Indeed, the dirty anchorwoman even stated "I first got to know the mayor at a professional level where we went on to become friends. The current relationship grew out of our existing friendship." In other words, Mirthala Salinas subscribes to the notion that friends sleep with friends.

Even after the filthy affair was exposed, and after the dirt and soot began to fill the air, her employer (Telemudo) still did not terminate her employment, denounce her conduct, and neither did Antonio Villaraigosa resign from office despite his embarassment to the State of California.

With his wife of 20 years, Corina, out of the way (having filed for divorce after 20 years so he can devote more time to 'play'), Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been seen around Los Angeles with more attractive and semi-attractive women than athletes. Another television news reporter, semi-attractive Lu Parker, began dating Antonio Villaraigosa after his first affair was exposed.

Antonio Villaraigosa recently said that he would like to someday be governor of California. OMG! Just like East European brute Arnold. Do we really need another mayoral term for this creep?

Los Angeles has a slate of mayoral candidates who are running for Mayor in 2013. None deserve mention, however. The city could elect its first woman mayor this year, or its first Jewish one, or the first openly gay/homosexual one.

With Antonio Villaraigosa as Mayor, the city has had a lot of spectacular crises. The Christopher Dorner rampage. 10.2 percent unemployment. A proposed sales tax jump. The weight of municipal unions, and numerous high-schools in Los Angeles that are not linked to the NAAS.ORG website. How can L.A. students finance their collegiate education with the numerous scholarships, grants, and financial-aid sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars?

The city of Los Angeles is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Los Angeles is currently running a $1.4 billion deficit while its hot-pants Mayor can't keep his eyes and pants off of beautiful women or even semi-attractive ones.

The city of Los Angeles needs a real Mayor, not a Player or Playboy. The city of Los Angeles needs a mayor who will use his clout to ensure that all students, moms, mothers, and single moms are aware of the numerous scholarships, grants, and financial-aid opportunities that are sponsored by NAAS.ORG. We gave Antonio Villaraigosa a chance to demonstrate his support. We voted for him. We trusted him. We thought we liked him. We prayed for him to do right. He ignored us. He ignored the best interests of women, moms, and single mothers, and instead viewed beautiful women as sexual targets. Antonio Villaraigosa deemed the pink panties of Mirthala Salinas more important than our votes.

For these reasons, and more it is time Dump Antonio Villaraigosa as L.A. Mayor. We need a mayor who will support scholarships, grants, and financial-aid to students, and moms, and who will place the educational sytem of Los Angeles schools on top again.

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