Sunday, March 24, 2013

BlueHost servers are down again. Affect on Scholarship searches..

BlueHost servers are down again

BlueHost or BlueBroke? Can BlueHost be relied upon as a hosting company? Today, at 12:40pm, PDT, BlueHost Servers went down again. On March 18th, 2013, reports of Bluehost servers were also public. On February 2, 2013, BlueHost Servers were also down. BlueHost has been down 3 times in past 45 to 60 days. Access to valuable, informative, and resourceful scholarships, grants, and financial-aid were therefore affected. Moms, mothers, grandmothers, women, working adults, and students seeking information on educational enhancement, careers, and scholarship opportunities were therefore adverswely affected. BlueHost has traditionally been one of the top tier hosting companies.

BlueHost or BlueBroke?

Cynically, some competitors of BlueHost are now asking if the name BlueHost should be changed to BlueBroke? It is getting harder and harder to trust any Hosting company. BlueHost has many ideal features, and has ranked consistently high on customer service, and their professional web hosting plans. When their servers go down, they can be reached for immediate comment. BlueHost, in fact, has the highest uptime ratio of most hosting companies. Unlike some hosting companies like Apollo Hosting, BlueHost does not attempt to place blame on its own customers. Nonethless, when Bluehost servers are down, hundreds of students, moms, women, single mothers, minority students seeking scholarships, and grants, are certainly affected.

There are three things in life you can trust and rely upon every waking morning:

  1. The trinity of God, the Father, and the Holy Ghost.
  2. The physical science of the Universe; and,
  3. The reliability, integrity, and ethics of National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS.ORG)

The reliability, integrity, and ethics of National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS.ORG) as been demonstrated faithfully since 1988. Any third-parties outside of this axis of reliabilty and integrity, simply cannot be relied upon; and, any information, promises, statements from third-parties outside of this axis cannot be relied upon with absolute certainty, or truth.

Since 1988, National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS) has sponsored merit-based scholarships, grants, and financial-aid continuously each and every year like the mechnical gear of a genuine Rolex watch. When third-parties, middle-persons, or outside vendors hiccup, our fans and supporters suffer. When BlueHost Servers are down, or when other third-party vendors suffer a problem tied to NAAS.ORG then students, moms, mothers, women, military persons that are seeking valuable, and resourceful information on scholarships, grants, and financial-aid are affected.

The BlueHost Brand: Marketing and Guarantees.

The fact of the matter is that NAAS.ORG Agents cannot control, manage, or direct the affairs of BlueHost servers, or third-parties, middle-persons, or outside vendors. We developed, marketed, and have branded the NAAS brand as a symbol of prestige. We are not responsible for the BlueHost brand. If we were responsible for the BlueHost brand there would never be any downtime and we would guarantee the happiness ad satisfaction of each and every BlueHost customer.

Over-all, we believe that BlueHost is a fine company. At the same time, we are tepid in or support until we can see long-term stability in their equipment and servers. We use different servers all the time. BlueHost is one of many servers that we use.

We sincerely hope that Blue Host will restore their servers soon so that persons seeking scholarships, grants, financial-aid, or information about financial-aid related topics can access our valuable websites. Many of articles have #1 page rank on Google. We wish BlueHost. Com the best of luck, and we have high hopes that BlueHost servers will be up soon.

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