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A review of the Do Something Scholarships and Grants

A detailed review of Do Something Scholarships and Grants

We will be publishing a detailed review of the Do Something Scholarships service. Before providing your student contact information to any scholarship database service, or grant organization, including the "Do Something" organization, please be sure to read this detailed review of Do Something Scholarships and Grants. We discuss Do Something Scholarships in detail, their FaceBook habits, their FaceBook likeability, their receptivity to competitive scholarship listing sources, the quality of their scholarship listings, their duplicate listings, their excluded listings, their association with other listing services and/or companies, and the success rate of their scholarship recipients. represents itself as the country’s largest nonprofit for young people and social change. DoSomething Scholarship organizers claim they have 1,425,974 million members (and counting) who "kick ass" on causes they care about.

Claim by Do Something Scholarships: " seeks to create a worldwide movement of young people kicking ass on causes they care about and making the world a better place. Because, let's be honest: apathy sucks"
Fact: On March 12th, 2013, Do Something Scholarships posted an image on their facebook account that advocated students should steal hamburgers by faking displeasure of a purchased burger and then complaining to management for a refund.

Do Something Scholarships or Do Some Theft: Are Do Something scholarships and grants Legit or Scam?

Do Something Scholarships talks a great game, and has a seemingly impressive roster of partners and supporters. However, Lance Armstrong also had the impressive backing of the United States Postal Service, and numerous other businesses and organizations before he was determined to be a fraud and using deceit to achieve fame and success. Therefore, we are not impressed with any of the cited partners and affiliates of the Do Something Scholarships. Oftentimes, the more name-dropping an organization does then it is all the more reason to become suspicious.

What we do know is certain facts about the Do Something Scholarships. Actions typically speak louder than words. We have re-posted the image of the hamburger posted on te facebook account of the Do Something Scholarships to illustrate the simple principal that consumers should never blindly believe the marketing hype of any organization that contradicts their own self-serving statements. Should students be praised for helping humanity or should students use grant money to learn how to deceive American ratail establishements?

The Do Something message is extremely confusing, contradictory, and yet very carefully scripted. On one hand, Do Something Scholarshps present the appearance of encouraging youth to do good to satify their legal requirements of a non-profit, but at the same time Do Something Scholarships implictly or expressly encourages youth to swear, and even engage in theft of services. An attorney sits on their board and apparently provides advice. Attorneys are professionals that are educated to mask the truth and present a lie as a fact. Let's be honest. If you are conducting your business affairs legitimately, then there is very little incentive to retain a professional whose income is generated by twisting a non-truth into a truth, and using the judicial process for legal certification of a falsehood.

History and asociations of the Do Something Scholarships

According to Wikipedia, Do Something Scholarships organization was co-founded in 1993 by American actor Andrew Shue. If we are to believe Wikipedia, Mr. Shue claims his motivation for creating the Do Something Scholarships organization was to encourage young people to become active citizens and leaders while also making community involvement fun.[2]The ving an attorney sitting on your board is not a very enpromotes profanity, and raw-talk, amongst youth.

Do Something Scholarships has monthly causes sponsored by companies like Staples, AĆ©ropostale, Pepsi and Del Monte, that address issues that concern teenagers. According to the Do Something Scholarships website, Do Something Scholarships have over 300,000 members and reaches over approximately 11 million young people annually.

Suspicious Organizations/Persons Linked to Do Something Scholarships

This review of the Do Something Scholarships will continue the next day. We will dicuss the controversial persons associated with the Do Something Scholarships, and discuss other topics of concern, as well as provide a letter grade summerizing our recommendations.

Please be sure to follow America's Scholarship Center, here at National Academy of American Scholars, for the best in depth reviews of all Scholarship listing databases and scholarship books. As a general rule of thumb, yif even popular scholarship is not in a database then at least 100 hundred others are also excluded for no legitimate reason.

We invite students seeking information about Do Something scholarships, to also review the multiple scholarships, grants, and financial-aid options for students, moms, mothers, and single mothers that are sponsored by NAAS.ORG. A detailed review of Do Something Scholarships

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