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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Top High-School Scholarships

What are the top High School Scholarships in the U.S.A.? Many guidance counselors, educators, students and other financial-aid professionals have often asked this question. Certainly, the topic is sensitive, yet important. Moreover, what really qualifies any scholarship to be judged as a "Top High School Scholarship"?

Should we consider the parameters cited by some high-school scholarship sponsors that look at such parameters as the amount of scholarships awarded annually, or per month? Should we look at which high-school scholarships have the least or the most restricted eligiblity requirements? Should we look at which high-school scholarships have the greatest number of applicants? Should we look at which high-school scholarships offer the greatest yield? Should we look at which which high-school scholarships offer the most tuition expenses/credits?

The paramters as to what constitutes a Top High Scholarship are almost endless. What is certain, however, is that the common denominator of a Top High Scholarship should at least include certain characteristics such as longevity, brand, mass appeal, ease of application, eligibility requirements, etc.

Under any measurement or criteria, our high-school scholarships for high school students are considered the most lucative in the country, and have great mass appeal.

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