Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Scholarships for Moms, Women, and Single Parents

In 2013, we anticipate that more and more private sponsors, non-profit organizations, as well as federal agencies will increase funding for moms, single mothers, and women.

The basis of this rational is based upon certain known and little facts. Women were, of course, a crucil factor that led to the re-election of Pres. Obama. President Obama understands that the cornerstone of the American economy depends upon working women, moms, and single mothers that are prepared to contribute to the economy. The statistics that support this view are overwhelming.

Women, moms, and single mothers contribute over $10 billion to the national economy, and there is a greater ratio of women and moms that attend online schools and brick-and-mortar schools than men.

President has increased funding to his Obama Scholarships from 2012 levels. Obama Scholarships and new 2013 Federal Granta are designed to get more women, moms, and single mothers into the classroom, and fill needed jobs.

U.S. Women, moms, and single mothers have a combined purchasing power greater than several European economies combined,
We will update his post with additional facts, statistics, and figures.

Scholarships for Single Moms, Women, and Mothers

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New opportunities for Single Moms, Women, in 2013

In our Scholarship Blog, we reported that Single-Mom Scholarships are expected to substantially increase in 2013.

Research by National Academy of American Scholars indicates that the private and non-profit sector have targeted single moms, women, and mothers for additional scholarship opportunities because of their collective budgets, and the higher ration of women attending colleges and universities than men.

Single moms, in particular, have needs and obligations that their non-mom female counterparts do not. Obviously, single moms have the additional obligations, additional duties of raising a child, and that fact alone is an entire package of duties.

For more information about new opportunities for single moms, mothers, and women, please review
Scholarships for Single Moms, Women, and Mothers