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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Clark County, NV School Teachers' greed impacts Students

The Clark County School District's sought to obtain $40 million worth of an available $400 million federal grant, which was apparently intended to promote data-based and digital tools to meet individual student needs and evaluate school staff. Even though the funding was all but approved and certain, there apparently a significant hurdle that the Clark County School District did not adequately plan for. Clark County Teachers were adamant and desperate to oppose the plan.

In fact, Clark County school teachers, and the Clark County Education Association that promotes the illicit agenda of the Clark County school teachers, had the federal grant intended for thoudands of Clark County students in their cross-hairs for months. Clark County school teachers have been secretly urging the Clark County Education Association to REJECT any funding for Clark County students that even remotely impacts the salaries of the worst teachers in the U.S.A.

It is no secret that the Clark County Education Association has been at odds (extreme conflict, actually) with the Clark County School District for several years. The dispute IS NOT about school supplies, text books, or class-room space, or the integrity of the teaching process. No. The only and most significant dispute that the Clark County Education Association has had with the Clark County School District is the size and rate of teacher salary increases.

Clark County, Nevada residents and parents have not the backbone to protest this sort of fraud, deceit, and inferior use of educational resources. Slavery may have ended over 200 years ago, but many Clark County residents have the mindset of 17th century slaves waiting for the crumbs thrown beneath their feet and to the ground by the Clark County Education Association.

While Clark County teachers have affairs with other teachers, meet the married spouses of their targets at local Starbucks, and dress in fashionable clothes each day, parents and students have been told to SHUT-UP. More specificially, parents have been told to shut the F$#$ up, and accept:

  1. crowded classrooms;
  2. no text-books;
  3. voided exams that have not been graded due to budget cuts;
  4. sex-crazed, perverted teachers that target married spouses of other teachers, as well as minors;
  5. low standards

The Clark County Education Association, which is one of the most despicable, student-hating unions in the U.S.A., was required to approve the request by the Clark County School District. Instead of seeking the best interests of the students, The Clark County Education Association (i.e., the Clark County school teachers) viewed the proposed grant-in-waiting as a threat to teacher salaries, and their fiefdom. According to local media reports, the federal grant would have benefited 41,000 students at 63 Clark County schools, and would have provided funding for high-technology tools and literacy intervention. Additionally, the Clark County School District also could have hired at least 22 teachers plus 24 support staff.

Like mind-controlled robots and slaves, parents will never protest the actions of the teachers because many Clark County parents simply do not read or understand the fact that the Clark County Education Association is playing poltics and greed with their children's education.

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