Sunday, April 29, 2012


We all understand and appreciate the fact that many organizations, government leaders, educational institutions, scholars, and corporations have a high regard for the superior NAAS brand, and the integrity of National Academy of American Scholars.

However, this respect and appreciation does not mean that we will simply accept the blatant infringement of the NAAS brand.

According to their website, the National Association of Arms Show has "charted an ambitious program for the coming year. Our objective is to preserve and strengthen gun shows all across America, and we will need your help to accomplish these objectives." Correction: You are going to an NAAS License to use the trademark in the marketing and promotion of the NAAS label.

The National Association of Arms Show goes on to state: "The Obama administration has decided to wait for the right moment politically to move forward with their radical gun-control agenda...." When is the right moment to legitimize your use of the NAAS label by paying the appropriate license fee or displaying the NAAS.ORG website at all gunshows all over the country? Ok!

Wait a moment. What is more radical? a.) infringing upon a registering trademark, diluting the value of a registered trademark by linking the NAAS label to attacks upon the political policies of a U.S. President? or b.) A piece of political legislation that attempts to democratically address the concern of gun owners? The NAAS label is a registered trademark. Just like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, McDonalds, etc. What part of this fact does Robert Templeton, the so-called President of "NAAS" does not understand? Since Mr. Temple declined to obtained an official NAAS license, and apparently put his money behind his policital rhetoric that would justify his beliefs, and cause, we had no choice but to initiate legal action that resulted in the termination of his website.

Trademark Infringement is a federal criminal. If you are attempting to use the NAAS label for political causes, selling products or memberships under the NAAS label, or seeking to commercialize the NAAS brand in any way, form, or fashion, without valid approval or authorization from the registered trademark owner then it is only a matter of time that your scheme will be stopped.

Learn the lessons of others. Is public humiliation and embarrassment and the potential fines and legal fees really worth it, or do you have any intelligence or moral character to develop and create a label entirely different from labels associated with National Academy of American Scholars.??

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Benefits of NAAS Scholarship Text Alerts

Using the Free NAAS Scholarship Text Alert tool:
NAAS scholarship text alerts is a free service for students and parents. We provide instant text alerts about new and exciting scholarship opportunities in the U.S.A. When a new or ongoing scholarship sponsor offers a new award, we provide a text alert.
Text SCHOLARSHIPS to 99000 to receive
NAAS Scholarship Text Alerts for free.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Society Must Share Responsibility for High School Education

In an effort to reshape public education in New England so that it is more effective, equitable and better organized to prepare all learners for success, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation (NMEF) promotes student-centered approaches to learning at the high school level. As part of this work, NMEF has released a report, It Takes a Whole Society: Opening Up the Learning Landscape in the High School Years. The report says that rethinking the high school experience to engage outside-of-school partners can provide more effective and personalized learning experiences. Throughout the years, National Academy of American Scholars has reviewed, and offered opinions on topics generated by Nellie Mae. The latest report underscores the need for educstors to be vigilant about pursuing the correct course to correct the downward spiral of education in certain sectors and regions.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

NAAS Imposters; April 2012 Report; Endorsement by American Association for the Advancement of Science

National Academy of American Scholars has been recognized by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) as evidenced by their use of the NAAS brand throughout their website. In selective approved cases, use of the NAAS brand constitutes endorsement of NAAS products and services. The NAAS brand is the defacto standard for integrity, reliability, and academic scholarship; this fact is recognized by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Any domain name that uses the NAAS label without specific authorization of and approval from the trademark registrant of record or National Academy of American Scholars is in fact illegal and a direct violation of U.S. Trademark laws. To date, we have discovered these domain names as illegal:

April 2012 Report of
Illegitimate NAAS Domain Nmes
We will drive down the value of any and ALL illegal domain names that infringe upon the NAAS label, and will file public and private legal (civil and criminal) complaints against persons that aid or abet trademark infringement.

If your company is a domain-name reseller, or web hosting company and you are assisting, aiding, or abetting, or any way performing any act(s) that may be construed as promoting the marketing, sale, or transfer of such domain name(s) then your company will be rated an 'F' and publicly labeled as engaging in criminal conduct since the U.S. Trademark Act does in fact prohibit trademark infringement.

If you are an attorney looking to churn fees by filing trademark applications that have little possibility of approval or that you know or reasonably expect will be disputed then please understand that Pre-Emptive Complaints will be lodged in your judicial district casting your reputation and integrity into question, and appropriate complaints will be filed against the State Bar organizations you are a member of. Your career as an attorney, and all cases that you have appeared in will be scrutinzed.

If your company desires to license the NAAS brand in exchange for appropriate monetary compensation or cross-promotion then we welcome your inquiry.

Monday, April 2, 2012

May 1st Application Deadline Approaching

The schedule for the XXIII NAAS Award Application process is as follows:
May 1st 2012 is the deadline to request application via the U.S. mail
May 1st 2012 is the deadline to request application via special text to 99000: Scholarships
May 1st 2012 is the deadline to register your name and address for the NAAS XXXIII term for free NAAS Application forms.