Monday, February 6, 2012

Update: 2012 NAAS Platinum, Gold,Silver, Bronze Applications

Hello. If you purchased any single NAAS Award Application forms on the deadline date of February 01st, 2012 of the XXII term, please note that you probably received old forms that do not reflect the current data for the XXIII term.

Updated forms have been uploaded to the NAAS Server to reflect our Los Angeles, CA office, and the most recent application instructions.

Also, the all-purpose NAAS form is the NAAS Multi-Media Packet Applications (Form 0028) because it contains the NAAS Platinum,Gold,Silver, Bronze, and NAAS-II Applications on a single 8.5 by 11 inch paper. The costs of this static packet for non-subscribers is just $4.99. However, if you are an NAAS Institutional Subscriber, your subscription allows you to receive the interactive/dynamic version, which is easier, and much faster to complete.

Students may use the school NAAS Institutional Subscriber ID to avoid any processing/administrative fee(s) if the forms are sent via U.S. mail.

The dynamic version may be transmitted via email,fax, online, or printed and sent via U.S. mail. The dynamic version allows for pause, wait, and resume of editing and it can be saved during any phase of its completion for later editing.

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