Thursday, September 1, 2011

NAAS Forum Hero Awards

To be a HERO member of the NAAS Student Forum board, you must have 500 posts. The posts must not be SPAM, but must add to the over-all quality of the board content.

We are no longer offering any sort of prizes, however.
The eligibility requirements are as follows:
1. You need not be a U.S. Citizen, but your posts need to be in English;
2. Your posts must be relevant to the category you post, and must not include outside links to to any other third-party or company;

NAAS Student Forum Subscriptions

Businesses may increase their commercial visibility by purchasing an NAAS Student Forum subscription. Here is what a subscription in the NAAS Student Forum can do for your business. A subscriotion to the NAAS Student Forum will allow you to place commercial advertisements, event announcements in our Calendar, prices, and active commercial links in any part of the NAAS Student Forum. All NAAS Student Forum subscribers will belong to a privileged forum membership group that allows for additional access rights, and privileges. Without a subscription, you do not have access to special features, and if your posts contain prices and/or commercial links to businesses then your posts will be removed.

The CURRENT costs of a monthly NAAS Student Board subscription that allows you to post non-repetitive commericial advertising links on the NAAS Student board is only $10.00 per month. Your advertisements may be flash, mp3, video, or images. When The board reaches 1,000 members, the cost will go up to $15.00 per month. Presently, we allow new advertisers the ability to lock in the low rate of just $10.00 per month for a lifetime now if they act within 30 days of becoming a new member. As the NAAS Student Forum grows in membership, and impression views, your business visibility will also grow.