Thursday, December 29, 2011

National Math and Science Initiative Turning the Tide in U.S. Math and Science Education

National Math and Science Initiative Turning the Tide in U.S. Math and Science Education With the release of third-year results from its Advanced Placement* Training and Incentive Program (APTIP), the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) has demonstrated continued success in substantially improving student achievement across the country in rigorous, college-level math and science coursework. The results, confirm NMSI is increasing college access for more American students, which is critical to address the skills gap in today’s workforce in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Congratulations! Sincerely, National Academy of American Scholars

Monday, December 26, 2011

Reading scores of fourth- and eighth-grade students were flat.

in 21 urban public school districts on the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) followed the national trend by remaining mostly flat, with no significant change from 2009. However, average mathematics scores rose in several districts, including some districts where scores were higher than those of large cities and the nation. Compared to the first TUDA in 2003, nine of the 10 districts that participated in both years scored higher in 2011 at both grades 4 and 8. In 2011, scores for both fourth- and eighth-grade students in six districts were higher than the scores for their peers in large cities

U.S. Department of Education (ED) finalizes the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

In December of 2011 the U.S. Department of Education (ED) finalized the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations. As explained in the Federal Register, the agency believes that the final regulations address states’ concerns and clarify the application of FERPA to state longitudinal data systems and education reform efforts. The final regulations transform the conversation from whether student data may be used for important educational purposes to how they can appropriately be used to improve student achievement.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The McGraw-Hill Research Foundation Policy Paper

A policy paper released by The McGraw-Hill Research Foundation calls for greater collaboration between the business and education communities to create a coordinated, institutionalized system that prepares the workforce of today and tomorrow for the demands of an increasingly high-tech and more competitive global economy. The paper points out that the goals and accountability systems of business and education do not align – but can. The current lack of integration is a major barrier to creating a steady supply of employees who are well suited to succeed in the changing global job market, whether they work on the factory floor or in a C-suite.

Congressional Road Block

It appears that Congress has decided to step back from the brink of ruin, and is now working toward agreeing to a set of bills that will fund the operation of the U.S. government for the rest of FY 2012. The current Continuing Resolution was set to expire at midnight the other day. Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle had been quietly working towards this agreement in a largely bi-partisan effort for the past several weeks, but as the deadline drew near, the impulse to self-immolation kicked in and arguments broke out around all sorts of issues. (For you political junkies, there's an interesting story at Politico ( that details some of the intricacies of the potential budget agreement.) As you know, President Obama has appealed for end to partisan politics. In the end, however, political realities took over and it looks like something moderately acceptable will be worked out, possibly as soon as Saturday. It's still not clear how the Department of Education's money will be parceled out, but it appears that the overall cut to the Department's budget will be pretty minimal.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

USAVIDEO.BIZ Multi-Media Directory

USAVIDEO.BIZ is a full-service Multi-Media Business Directory, based out of Los Angeles, CA. Unlike many directories, USAVIDEO.BIZ can incorporate the four essential components that contribute to enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Rankings. These compenents are Video, Text, and Audio, and Keywords.

If you are a webmaster or business owner seeking to improve your search-engine rankings, then you should submit your listing to the USAVIDEO.BIZ directory. USAVIDEO.BIZ has multiple Listing plans to suit your business objectives.

USAVIDEO.BIZ is a 100% SEO Friendly, searchable human-edited Business Directory that relies upon human administration, human review, and human editing. USAVIDEO.BIZ is a directory for sophisticated business owners who want to leverage their keywords, and existing web presence to enhance their business reach, and potential for new customers.

Before submitting your website to USAVIDEO.BIZ, please ensure that you first review their listing guidelines to help increase the chances of your site being accepted.

Departments of Education and Defense To Launch “Learning Registry” Tools and Community

The U.S. Departments of Education and Defense announced recently that it will launch the “Learning Registry,”an open source community and technology designed to improve the quality and availability of learning resources in education. The launch is an important milestone in the effort to more effectively share information about learning resources among a broad set of stakeholders in the education community. Rather than creating an alternative destination to existing websites, Learning Registry is a communication system that allows existing educational portals and online systems to publish, consume and share important information about learning resources with each other and the public, while respecting the privacy of individual users.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Keeping Pace with K-12 Online Learning Reveals Seven Key Trends in Online Learning

K-12 online and blended learning evolved in new directions in 2011, with the rise and rapid growth of new consortium and single-district programs outstripping the continued expansion of more traditional elearning programs, new research shows. This trend and other K-12 online and blended learning developments are revealed in the new report, 2011 Keeping Pace with Online K-12 Learning: An Annual Review of Policy and Practice, from the Evergreen Education Group. Now in its eighth year, Keeping Pace tracks the latest developments in K-12 online learning policy and practice.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

How Marketing Automation Can Help You Improve Efficiency, Lower Costs, and Maximize Revenue

Marketing automation tools are helping companies — large and small — improve response rates, identify well-qualified leads, and make informed decisions about when and how to act on opportunities. They are also reducing the time and cost of creating campaigns and improving overall returns on marketing investments. Educators and non-profit organizations can use these same techniques as well.
Both non-profit and for-profit organizations can start leveraging marketing automation and use these techniques to sell to schools. By using these methods, businesses can reach the right educator with the right marketing message. The end result is greater sales, and higher retention of customers.

New Grants by U.S. Department of Education

It was a busy week in Washington, as the Department of Education made a flurry of announcements, seemingly intent on pushing ahead on a number of fronts in the face of Congressional inaction. Both the Departments of Education and Defense launched the Learning Registry, a tool that facilitates sharing educational resources. Earlier, President Obama and Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services announced new rules for Head Start. The Department of Education announced the potential grantees for the second round of investing in Innovation - i3 - grants.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Social media environment in U.S. schools.

What is the general approach to social media in U.S. school districts and classrooms today? What about the use of social media in international class rooms? Are their opportunities in social media to enhance learning? What policies are in place for the use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels? What should publishers be doing to meet schools’ needs? What do technology experts say about the use or criticisms of social-media, and its role in improving student achievement and its impact on cost savings.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

“Growing Opportunity” Report Cites Momentum Gained and Renews Call To “Do School Differently”

Carnegie Corporation of New York & Institute for Advanced Study —
In the two years since its release, The Opportunity Equation: Transforming Mathematics and Science Education for Citizenship and the Global Economy has served as a call to action, a unifying framework, and a mission statement for improved math and science education. The report presented a vision for excellent, equitable science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning that would reach all U.S. students and prepare them for full participation as citizens and as workers in an increasingly global economy, and it lent momentum and credibility to a growing movement

Friday, November 4, 2011

Gold as a Hedge Against Tuition Hikes

We have discussed a series of investment articles for students relating to precious metals. We have introduced the concept that aggressive-minded students may want to consider the precious metals as a source for long-term growth, and as a hedge against Tuition hikes and long-term inflation. Over the years, hardly anyone can argue that Gold has outperformed Real Estate, and certainly stocks. Gold has been used throughout history as money and has been a relative standard for currency equivalents specific to economic regions or countries, until recent times. Many European countries implemented gold standards in the latter part of the 19th century until these were temporarily suspended in the financial crises involving World War I. After World War II, the Bretton Woods system pegged the United States dollar to gold at a rate of US$35 per troy ounce. The system existed until the 1971 Nixon Shock, when the US unilaterally suspended the direct convertibility of the United States dollar to gold and made the transition to a fiat currency system. The last currency to be divorced from gold was the Swiss Franc in 2000. Students may take advantage of the Gold precious metals alternative by seeking out suitable and reputable companies that teach new investors how to invest in Gold. Please follow this blog for more advice for students.

80 Partners Join Multi-sector Movement To Tackle Nation’s Need for 100,000 Excellent Math and Science Teachers in 10 Years

More than 80 partners–from NASA and Google to the New York City Department of Education, Stanford University, and Teach for America–have joined 100Kin10, an effort to respond to the national imperative to prepare, deploy, and support 100,000 excellent STEM teachers over the coming 10 years. The partners are unified by a single, ambitious goal: to prepare all students with the high-quality science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) knowledge and skills needed to address the most pressing national and global challenges of tomorrow. The effort is led by Carnegie Corporation of New York and Opportunity Equation.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

U.S. Chamber Gathers Tennessee Leaders To Discuss the State of Education and the Imperative To Take Action

U.S. Chamber of Commerce — Saturday, October 15, 2011 The Honorable Margaret Spellings, former U.S. Secretary of Education and current President of the U.S. Chamber’s Forum for Policy Innovation, gathered with business leaders from across the state to discuss the state of education in Tennessee and across the country, the imperative for business engagement in education and the actions Tennessee must take to continue the fight for reform. The event centered around findings from a report of the Chamber’s Institute for a Competitive Workforce that highlights the valuable role business can play in retooling school systems around the country and bringing about transformative improvement.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Silver as a Hedge Against Tuition Hikes

A small percentage of U.S. College students are buying Silver as a hedge against future tuition hikes. It is true that investments in Silver and Gold are quite risky. With youth, however, this risk is mitigated. Statistically, wwning silver, gold and precious metals has beem one of the safest ways to protect and grow a family's private wealth. Today, however, some savvy students are investing in Silver and other metals as a hedge against rising tuition. Students can follow the NAAS NEWS Blog for free advice, opinions, and strategy as to how students may go about buying and owning Silver.

Public Charter Schools Now Enrolling At Least 30 Percent of Students in a Record Six School Districts Nationwide

A record number of school districts—six—have at least 30 percent of their public school students enrolled in public charter schools, according to an annual report released Monday by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS) entitled A Growing Movement: American's Largest Charter School Communities – Sixth Annual Edition. In addition, an all-time high of 18 school districts have more than 20 percent of their public school students enrolled in charter schools.

Dramatic Shift in the K-12 education market

The K-12 education market has been undergoing an unprecedented, multi-dimensional shift in the past couple of years. A combination of powerful political, economic, and technological forces is in play, creating a significant and non-reversible change in the culture and overall way of conducting business in the market.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Despite a relatively small award pool ($500 million), 35 states, D.C, and Puerto Rico submitted applications for the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge, a joint program of the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services. The interest reflects the states' high interest in moving their early childhood programs forward. The applicants were required to create comprehensive plans to improve early learning and development programs around five key areas of reform: establishing successful state systems, defining high-quality, accountable programs, promoting early learning and development outcomes for children, supporting the early childhood education workforce, and measuring outcomes and progress. Applications will undergo peer review by early childhood experts from across the country with winners announced in mid-December. Awards will range from around $50 million up to $100 million, depending on a state's population of children from low-income families and proposed plan

Monday, October 24, 2011

New national standards released today provide states, districts, online programs and other organizations with a set of guidelines for ensuring quality online courses in K-12 education. The guidelines, which were issued in the report National Standards for Quality Online Courses, Version 2, were released by a committee of experts established by the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL).
Are you still trying to decide if you want to pursue social media marketing plunge? Sandy Fivecoat, Founder of the WeAreTeachers online community for educators, suggests that companies that target teachers and educators should pursue this option. The bottom line of her findings: more marketers are investing in social media and using it for lead generation. For example, National Academy of American Scholars has invested in a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even MySpace presense.
We encourage all students to follow important senatorial sessions that affect education or student financing. Senator Harkin (D-IA), chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, has released a draft of the Senate ESEA reauthorization proposal. The bill is scheduled for markup in the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee on October 18. As might be expected, the proposal does not suit everyone. The civil rights community is worried about an apparent backing off from accountability targets; a number of Republicans believe the federal role is still much too large, despite added flexibility provisions; and teacher advocates have concerns about the teacher evaluation process. State and local education agencies and state governors seem pleased to be relieved of some of the more onerous aspects of NCLB, but have their own concerns about other aspects of the proposal. It's also not at all clear how this comprehensive legislation will (or could) be reconciled with the more piecemeal approach the House of Representatives is taking, though that concern may be premature, as first the bill has to make its way out of the Senate

Friday, October 14, 2011

NAAS Financial-Aid, Scholarships. Loans

A summary of NAAS Financial-Aid products, and services.

If you are looking for information that covers, Grants, Loans, Financial-Aid, and Scholarships then the NAAS.ORG website is the channel for you. We have the latest and best sources of new, upcoming, and exciting financial-aid product releases RIGHT HERE!!

For up-to-date information, please bookmark this website. We encourage parents, educators, counselors, and students to explore the NAAS.ORG financial-aid website, and take advantage of the enormous opportunities. Don't let this wealth of financial-aid go wasted!! Apply! Apply! Apply!

Even if you have little or no interest in NAAS-sponsored awards, at the very least consider the many alternatives of our sponsors. There is no legitimate reason for any student to go without some source of financial-aid in the U.S.A. The money is right here!! Yes, the money is looking directly in your face. Really. Can you see it? I can! Explore the NAAS.ORG website to your heart's content and help yourself to the many opportunities that you see.

Whether it is loans, grants, financial-aid, or scholarships, the National Academy of American Scholars has the resources and connections to help you. Many of those resources and connections are displayed in fron of your eyes on this channel.

Parents, educators, counselors, and students may be happy to know that the latest versions of NAAS application forms are available. We have uploaded the latest NAAS Platinum, NAAS Gold, NAAS Silver, NAAS Bronze, NAAS-II, and NAAS eMicro loan applications. These forms are availableas either individual purchases, or to NAAS subscribers. If submitted online, or by fax, NAAS Award applications carry no processing or administrative fees.

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Financial Aid News and Grants

If you're exploring options for paying for college, see our website at We have multiple options for students seeking financial-aid, grants,loans, and other sources of aid. National Academy of American Scholars offers multiple sources of information that contain various kinds of financial aid (loans, grants, and work-study), how to apply, common myths, and more.

Make sure you also visit our NAAS Student Forum. Financial aid professionals at banks, colleges, guaranty agencies, and other postsecondary or lending institutions will want to see our online reports and publications, regulations, and policy guidance on the administration of the student financial assistance programs.

If you're looking for grant information not related to student aid, we also have content and sources related to that subject also.

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NAAS Forum Hero Awards

To be a HERO member of the NAAS Student Forum board, you must have 500 posts. The posts must not be SPAM, but must add to the over-all quality of the board content.

We are no longer offering any sort of prizes, however.
The eligibility requirements are as follows:
1. You need not be a U.S. Citizen, but your posts need to be in English;
2. Your posts must be relevant to the category you post, and must not include outside links to to any other third-party or company;

NAAS Student Forum Subscriptions

Businesses may increase their commercial visibility by purchasing an NAAS Student Forum subscription. Here is what a subscription in the NAAS Student Forum can do for your business. A subscriotion to the NAAS Student Forum will allow you to place commercial advertisements, event announcements in our Calendar, prices, and active commercial links in any part of the NAAS Student Forum. All NAAS Student Forum subscribers will belong to a privileged forum membership group that allows for additional access rights, and privileges. Without a subscription, you do not have access to special features, and if your posts contain prices and/or commercial links to businesses then your posts will be removed.

The CURRENT costs of a monthly NAAS Student Board subscription that allows you to post non-repetitive commericial advertising links on the NAAS Student board is only $10.00 per month. Your advertisements may be flash, mp3, video, or images. When The board reaches 1,000 members, the cost will go up to $15.00 per month. Presently, we allow new advertisers the ability to lock in the low rate of just $10.00 per month for a lifetime now if they act within 30 days of becoming a new member. As the NAAS Student Forum grows in membership, and impression views, your business visibility will also grow.

Monday, August 15, 2011

NAAS eForms Now Active

The NAAS eForms have been updated for the 2011-12 term, and are now all active. All buttons are live with the exception of Scholarship Watch.

The new NAAS Student Forum is also active. We will be uploading and adding new content. Be sure to leave a message on the board if you have any questions, suggestions, or inquiries.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Message to Stephanie Saul/N.Y. Times

Unit/Apartment number:
E-mail address:
(212)556 5931


Thank you for your inquiry. However, we have noticed that your completed NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 001 form indicated that you have not read our NAAS FAQ section, and that have apparently not even attempted to do so. Please ensure that you have read our NAAS FAQ section prior to submitting additional inquiries, and that you have thoroughly reviewed all applicable NAAS EAS/N2 Rules.

Media inquiries must be requested by completing NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 002.

In addition, our records indicate that the N.Y. Times does not meet our standards of ethics, integrity, credibility, or respectability. This evaluation is based upon stories we have read that have originated from the N.Y. Times, as well as the low employment standards used by the N.Y. Times in employing reporters.

Therefore, we respectfully decline your requests for any contacts with this organization. However, we will continue to review your personal credentials periodically, from time to time, as well as the credentials and qualifications
of your employer.

NAAS Staff.
P.S. Please ensure that any reporting involving National Academy of American Scholars, or any affiliated related thereto, includes the complete, accurate, and full statement above.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Deleted Emails By Hosting Company

Over 2,000 emails were deleted by one of our hosting companies on one of our accounts. The name of the hosting company is BlueHost. We have no control over these lost emails. If you are affected by this notice, please re-submit your email to

Thursday, July 28, 2011

NAAS Student Forum

Hello. We have now opened the gates to the new NAAS Student Forum. In this forum, we discuss new and exciting issues related to Financial-aid, SAT/ACT test preparation, accreditation, and many other topics that students, parents, and administrators will find resourceful.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

NAAS Forms are Current

Happy Fourth of July 2011. As stated earlier, students are encouraged to get a head start on popular NAAS forms for the upcoming 2011-12 term. All NAAS digital forms are current and up-to-date.

Friday, June 24, 2011

New NAAS Multi-Media Forms Available

Get ready for the upcoming school year. Plan now. We have uploaded new 2011-2012 NAAS Multi-Media Application eForms. The forms include Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, NAAS-II, NAAS eMicro Loan forms, and NAAS Multi-Media Application Packets. The forms are available for immediate download
and purchase on our NAAS.ORG website.

Monday, June 6, 2011

We have uploaded new 2011-2012 NAAS Multi-Media Application eForms. The forms include Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, NAAS-II, NAAS eMicro Loan forms, and NAAS Multi-Media Application Packets. The forms are available for immediate download
and purchase on our NAAS.ORG website.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NEW NAAS Multi-Media Forms Available

We have uploaded new 2011-2012 NAAS Multi-Media Application eForms. The forms include Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, NAAS-II, NAAS eMicro Loan forms, and NAAS Multi-Media Application Packets. The forms are available for immediate download
and purchase on our NAAS.ORG website.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Greetings. Updates are Coming!

We are now back from our Spring break. We will be updating our website very vigorously within the next few days. We would like to thank those customers who have purchased NAAS forms. We will be updated those forms and preparing for the Fall.

Friday, March 18, 2011

March 15th Deadline Passed

The extended deadline to submit NAAS eforms was March 15th, 2011. The deadline has expired. We are no longer accepting new forms submissions for the XXI term. However, we are still NAAS eDonor, and NAAS eMicro loan forms.

Friday, March 4, 2011

NAAS NEWS Media Reports

New and exciting NAAS Media reports will be posted on the NAAS-NEWS.INFO website. New stories will discuss events and affairs affecting school districts associated with The Northwest Accreditation Commission (a/k/a/ Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc.)

Consumers, businesses, and parents, including incarcerated U.S. citizens deprived of their civil liberties or due process rights, in the states of Nevada, Washington,Montana,Oregon, Alaska,Utah, and Idaho who have complaints against any school, employee, company, agency, or institution connected with, sponsored by, and/or in any way affiliated with The Northwest Accreditation Commission (a/k/a/ Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc.) should submit complaints online to NAAS-NEWS.INFO.

NAAS-NEWS.INFO is an independent, fair, and impartial news reporting organization. We only accept verified electronic submissions.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Extended deadline to March 15th

We have extended the application deadline for NAAS Award submissions to March 15th.

Failed Trademark Application Exposes David Steadman schemes

Subject: Failed U.S. Trademark Application of Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc., and Idaho State Dept. of Education, exposes Accreditation Schemes linkd to Association of Washington School Princials, The American Academy LLC, and various state departments of education;
Ref: U.S. Patent & Trademark Reference File: S/N# 77810214                            ­­— [Evidence of  SUCCESSFUL OPPOSITION; ]                           
The recent failed U.S. Trademark application filed by Northwest Association of Accreditation Schools,Inc., (a/k/a/ The Northwest Accreditation Commission) exposes the depth and degree of accreditation fraud that the state education departments of Idaho,Utah,Oregon,Washington,Montana, Nevada, and Alaska are willing to tolerate simply to help their business partner Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc.

It is fitting that despite their best efforts to corrupt and influence the U.S. Department of Commerce, and intimidate said agency into issuing a trademark for David Steadman's outfit, the efforts were bound to fail.

Tom Luna sought to intervene and use his influence to obtain a trademark application for Northwest, and to lessen the sting of a succesful OPPOSITION proceeding launched by NAAS DEIA Agents but his best and most corrupt efforts still failed.

Federal documents allege that Mr. Tom Luna and various persons employed by him, personally, individually, and collectively sponsored, approved,  conspired with   Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc., to participate in the ill-advised  rape, molestation,  and trademark infringement of the famous NAAS label.

Despite his best acts of deceit and influence, and regardless of what spin he wishes to rely upon, the fact remains:
NAAS DEIA Agents DENIED AND PREVENTED Northwest Association of Accredited Schools,Inc. from obtaining trademark rights to their own corporate name! How about that? Wonderful!

According to U.S. Postal mail-fraud laws (we admit that these laws are not enforced against persons like David Steadman), persons who use fictitious/fake names and who impersonate other corporate entities are engaging in mail fraud. Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc., and the Idaho/Utah State Dept. of Education are responsible for facilitating the accreditation fraud of Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc. (a/k/a The Northwest Accreditation Commission)

Federal documents claim that David Steadman and his organization deceived consumers into believing that the accreditation services sold and packaged by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc. were somehow endorsed, approved, and were originated by National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS).

While the Attorney General's office of Utah was prostituting their services with con -artist Jeremy Johnson, and allowing Utah education entities to rape and molest the NAAS label, NAAS Agents were dismantling the phony 'NAAS' accreditation schemes linked to the Utah State Department of Education and the Utah Education Network.

In March of 2010,  the United States Patent & Trademark Office issued a FINAL REJECTION to the illegitimate, illegal,  and outrageous efforts of  Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc.  to further its rape and molestation of the NAAS label. Legal pleadings filed in the case by NAAS agents  assert, et alli, a violation of numerous federal laws, ethics, including, but not limited to, consumer deception,fraud, trademark infringement, etc. 

A desperate California attorney filed a legal motion that sought a Request for Reconsideration on behalf of Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc  in an attempt to convince the Trademark office to re-consider the Refusal decision.   The legal motion was countered by NAAS DEIA Agents, who filed superior legal pleadings.  Six months thereafter,  Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc.  abandoned its trademark application; and,  David Steadman  was forced to accept his legal defeat, and abandon his psychotic and  perverted lust for the ‘NAAS’ label.

In July  of 2010, NAAS Agents had commenced an OPPOSITION proceeding against Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc.  The company  sought to obtain trademark rights to Northwest Association of Accredited Schools 1917.  In October of 2010, the Trademark Office ruled that the OPPOSITION was SUSTAINED, and a Default Notice was obtained against Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc.  Shortly thereafter, the company announced it had changed its name to The Northwest Accreditation Commission. Before that, the State Education Dept. of Idaho attempted to intervene on behalf of its partner, Northwest, and a NOTICE of ALLOWANCE was issued. 

NAAS agents thus filed additional legal proceedings which required the trademark office to cancel the NOTICE of Allowance.  Ultimately,  said application  was rejected and eventually abandoned.  It was alleged that the  trademark  application filed by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc  was deceptive and unfit for registration, was designed to deceive consumers, and that said application sought to possibly legitimize accreditation schemes; all allegations went unanswered, and none were contested by applicant. 

In January of 2011, NAAS agents finalized OPPOSITION legal proceedings towards Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc. Each and every trademark/copyright application similarly  filed by  The Northwest Accreditation Commission, or any company  associated with the same, may be similarly opposed and challenged. 
All schools and institutions previously “accredited” by Northwest Association of Accredited Scams while using the NAAS label have been publicly re-labeled as mere Diploma Mills per NAAS EAS/N2 Rules; and, based upon federal rules of evidence that uncontested allegations are deemed admissions. NAAS allegationa were not timely refuted, and were not contested in the proper legal manner, and thus said allegations will be published as facts. 

Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc. was engaging in a scheme that purported to offer legitimate 'NAAS' accreditation services while in reality this woefully corrupt organization was conspiring with the education departments of Idaho,Utah,Oregon,Washington,Montana, Nevada, and Alaska to deceive U.S. consumers, parents, and students that Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc. was sponsored and endorsed and approved by National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS), and that David Steadman had secured legal rights in advance to use the NAAS label. In fact, these claims were never true.  

Monday, February 7, 2011

NAAS DEIA Agents Kill Northwest Application

Despite their best conspiratorial efforts, the official trademark application of Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc. died a humiliating death. The Idaho State Dept. of Education attempted to bribe the U.S. Trademark Office, and that effort failed. More to follow.

Beware of German-based SEDO.COM, LLC

This is a German-based company that markets and sells domain names that U.S. companies allege infringe upon their intellectual trademarks. CYBER-SQUATTING is a crime.
The Anti-Cybersquatting Piracy Act (ACPA) Lanham Act S. 43(d), 15 U.S.C. S.1125(d) prohibits the conduct of illegal fencing operations that violate the trademark rights of U.S. companies.

NAAS-NEWS Media reports rates this company with an 'F' rating. This company purchased a membership with the Boston Better Business Bureau, and was given an 'A' rating despite numerous consumer complaints. B
BBB of Eastern MA, ME, RI, & VT
290 Donald Lynch Boulevard, Suite 102
Marlborough, MA 01752-4705
Phone: 508-652-4800 | Fax: 508-652-4820

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Untrusted SSL Certificate; Blue Host hosting

It has been brought to our attention by several consumers that are attempting to purchase products and services at the NAAS.ORG website that they are encountering a technical issue with respect to NAAS Subscriptions. An error message claiming " uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because it is self signed."

Please note that the SSL certificate is valid. The issue is a miscommunication between the RSA Key, and SSL certificate. Currently, the tool sused by BlueHost to resolve the issue is not working. The administrators of this company have pledged to resolve this issue within a matter of a few hours.

Thank you for your patience. The company responsible for fixing this issue, and the company responsible for mainataining the reliabilty of its servers and equipment, is BlueHost. We have communicated our concerns to the company, and hope that the matter will be addressed without further inconvenience to the many persons who rely upon NAAS products and services.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


BBB of Eastern MA, ME, RI, & VT
290 Donald Lynch Boulevard, Suite 102
Marlborough, MA 01752-4705
Phone: 508-652-4800 | Fax: 508-652-4820

This is a German-based company that markets and sells domain names that some U.S. companies allege infringe upon their intellectual trademarks.

The Anti-Cybersquatting Piracy Act (ACPA) Lanham Act S. 43(d), 15 U.S.C.
S.1125(d) prohibits the sort of conduct complained of against SEDO.COM.
The following domain names being offered by are without
the approval of the trademark owner. These domain names have not been authorized by the trademark owner, and, in our opinion, clearly infringe upon the elasvegas trademark:,,­­

When presented an opportunity to cure this complaint, SEDO.COM at first denied ownership of the domain names, and instructed NAAS Agents to contact the person(s) who they claimed actually owned the domain names. SEDO.COM claimed or pretended that it would at first cooperate. As the NAAS evidence accumulated, SEDO.COM essentially admitted or failed to produce evidence that a legitimate third-party person had actually registered the domain names(s).

In responding to a Better Business Bureau complaint, SEDO.COM failed to provide the name(s) of the claimed domain name registrants, and instead produced a rambling letter defending its use of the disputed domain names.

Although the SEDO.COM rebuttal letter was not signed by a SEDO.COM employeee, and even though no name of an actual SEDO.COM employee appeared on the SEDO.COM rebuttal letter, and although SEDO.COM did not reference a single law that substantiated its use of the disputed domain names, the evasive letter was apparently good enough for the Boston chapter of the Better Business Bureau. Thus, it is not unreasonable to speculate or assume that the 'A+'accrediation seal that was sold or provided to SEDO.COM by the BBB is simply a fraud on the public by the BBB.

Based upon the foregoing and other evidence, an NAAS-NEWS Media Report rates SEDO.COM with an 'F' grade. However, the Boston chapter of the Better Business Bureau rates this same company with an 'A+'. The fact is that suspicious BBB Accredited Seals of Approval are illegitimate and do not accurately reflect the integrity of a company, or the quality of its products or services.

An NAAS investigation into numerous companies that claim accreditation BBB 'A+' ratings appear to suggest that these companies are the most distrustful, deceitful, high-priced, and complaint-prone.

The Boston chapter of the Better Business Bureau was provided a 14-day ultimatum to revoke the false, deceptive, and misleading 'A+' Seal of approval provided SEDO.COM, LLC, and to cease and desist false references that SEDO.COM has obtained a trademark for its logo seal when in fact NAAS Agents have filed documentation suspending the trademark application of SEDO.COM.

American consumers apparently have forgotten the atrocities of World War II, and the type of deceit used by the Germans against U.S. military personnel, and American citizens. German-based companies are typically deceitful. Americans who accept paychecks from such companies should be viewed with skepticism. Some critics even argue that such Americans are traitors who are willing to ignore the millions of murders, abuses, atrocities, and horrors inflicted upon Americans in World War I, and WWIII by Germans. Such abuses are now taking place on the Internet through the deliberate disrespect of the American consumer and illegal trafficking of domain names that infringe upon the rights of U.S. companies.

Americans should *AVOID* purchasing domain names and using web hosting companies from foreign-based companies since it is typical for these foreign companies to disrespect U.S. laws or to fabricate excuses why U.S. laws do not apply to them.

Do yourself a favor, and your grand children a favor:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NAAS Offers Newly updated Products and Services

With the new year of 2011, updated versions of NAAS Application and loan forms are available. The new form are available for purchase from the NAAS Digital Forms store. This NAAS Blog will be updated to reflect these new features.