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Thursday, December 2, 2010

NAAS eForms Activation

NAAS eforms are now active!! Our new Digital Product delivery page is an opportunity for applicants, institutions, and nominators to download important NAAS forms. There is a one-time download document fee.

As you know, the most current NAAS forms require no processing or application fee because we have streamlined the administrative process and we are less reliant upon the U.S. mail system. All NAAS Awards and eMicro programs require an official NAAS Nominator form to ensure that nomination data is consistent for each applicant.

There is no deadline date for NAAS eMicro Good Character loans, or for NAAS eMicro Donation Request Applications.

NAAS eMicro Loans have zero/0% percent interest, and need not be re-paid until well after graduation. National Academy of American Scholars has the best eMicro donor program in America. We have extricated, chopped off, and eliminated middle-level lenders, loan underwriters, and instead we rely upon benovolent community lenders and private persons whose interest is only helping students instead of seeking a profit. It is highly unlikely you will find a true eMicro program in the U.S.A. or elsewhere that places the interests of the community over personal profit of executives.

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