Saturday, July 17, 2010

BlueHost.Com Server issues

Kelcey: [9:55:14 AM] Welcome to our live chat, If you have not provided it already before chat, I will need to get the domain name we will be working with, the last 4 characters of your password or credit card, and what i can assist you with, I do work with multiple customers and my responses may be delayed.
thomas: [9:55:14 AM] Our FTP accounts are not working!!
Kelcey: [9:55:31 AM] Our technician is currently investigating a server problem. The source of this problem is unknown at this time. The duration of assessing this is approximately 15 to 45 minutes.
thomas: [9:55:55 AM] the domain name is
Kelcey: [10:00:15 AM] Our technician is currently investigating a server problem. The source of this problem is unknown at this time. The duration of assessing this is approximately 15 to 45 minutes.
thomas: [10:01:11 AM] I need a direct answer, not an automated response. Why were our FTP accounts deleted? Someone at your end deleted these accounts.
[10:02:14 AM] Please explain in detail who, why, and how our FTP accounts were deleted?
Kelcey: [10:02:59 AM] from inside the cpanel i only see the 3 default ftp accounts
thomas: [10:07:01 AM] We just created a new FTP account this morning. Before, we had several accounts. Why can't we access the FTP area? Is it because of a server issue?
Kelcey: [10:08:33 AM] it would appear so, i would recommend waiting until the admins solve the problem if the FTP accounts are still gone, recreate them
thomas: [10:09:50 AM] Is the website viewable to the general public?
Kelcey: [10:10:39 AM] no
thomas: [10:13:49 AM] We can't have this service fading in and out. It was out last night, and each time we post on our Blog when your service fails. We will posting the same message on our other channels. We need to have our website re-routed to another server while your company tries to figue out how to run its business. I will give you the nameservers in 15 seconds.
Kelcey: [10:14:29 AM] okay
[10:14:53 AM] can I get the last 8 characters of the password on this account? alternatively I can use the last 8 digits of the credit card.

Kelcey: [10:16:05 AM] what domain is this for?
thomas: [10:18:11 AM] Remember, this is for Remember, this is only temporary UNTIL your servers are repaired. In other words, the nameservers we have provided is for a backup account to be used only when our main account is not accessibile.
thomas: [10:19:44 AM] Why is our account not working, and why is your service constantly failing??
Kelcey: [10:20:32 AM] we have been battling mysql issues on the server and are looking for a fix to these problems
thomas: [10:22:43 AM] We need a complete summary of these ongoing "issues" emailed to us at the administrator email address on file and we need a custom template displayed when these "issues" are occuring to alert our clients.
Kelcey: [10:23:28 AM] if you would like that information that is something you will need to open a ticket at for, that is not information i have available to me
thomas: [10:23:45 AM] We also need an email transcript of this session.
thomas: [10:28:32 AM] Ok, WHAT is an estimated time for this "issue" to be resolved??
Kelcey: [10:28:59 AM] as soon as possible, I do not have an accurate ETA
thomas: [10:30:38 AM] OK, thx. bye. However, we are counting the hours this service has not been available, and we insist on pro-rated credit.
Kelcey: [10:31:02 AM] unfortunately we do not give credits for downtime
thomas: [10:32:32 AM] We understand your "policies", but those "policies" cannot by law supercede anti-fraud laws. We are paying for a service, and we are not getting a "service".

Friday, July 16, 2010 Server Problems

2010-07-16 22:53:18: The hosting company that provides hosting for NAAS.ORG has assigned a technician to correct a server problem. This problem was not caused by NAAS engineers, but is the result of issues related to the equipment, type, mode, and manner of services provided by the hosting company. The company has assigned a technician to review and hopefully correct the problem.

Thank you for your interest in NAAS products and services.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

NAAS Subscriber Login Issues Resolved

We realize the sensational interest of many persons seeking to become an NAAS Subscriber. We are constantly seeking products and services to accomodate the our NAAS Subscribers.

Some new subscribers may have experienced a login problem a while ago that dealt with accessing the subscriber portal area.

Please be aware that this problem has been resolved.

Also, we have dramatically updated the NAAS Subscriber template page to allow for the many products and services being offered to NAAS Subscribers. By the way, the cost of annual subscription is still $10.00.

Although the subscriber area is now open, we are still testing the template and the subscription purchase button will remain inactive at least for another 24 hours.

Thank you for your attention in reading this report.

NAAS Website Back up

We apologize for the technical glitch that led to the downtime of the NAAS.ORG website on Sunday evening through the better part of the day of Monday. We apologize. The errors have been fixed.

Monday, July 5, 2010

NAAS Mobile 2.0 Press Release

We have developed another series of fantastic features for NAAS Subscribers. The latest is NAAS Mobile 2.0. With this new service, mobile phone users will have access to essentially the same information as desktop and laptop users upon paid subscription.

NAAS Mobile 2.0 is cross-platform compatiblw with a wide variety of cellular devices and the mobile computing platform.

More information will be released on this blog.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

NAAS U.S. Postal Service Bulletin; Proxy Servers

NAAS Postal Service Bulletin

Pursuant to NAAS EAS/N2 Rules, this bulletin pertains to the use of proxy servers by the United States Postal Inspection Service through a hub originating from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

It is a violation of the NAAS Legal Disclaimer to use proxy devices or other means to shield or conceal the identity of the user while accessing the NAAS.ORG channel, or related NAAS websites.

We are well aware that representatives of the United States Postal Service, and other agencies have taken an interest in the free-speech articles appearing in NAAS Media Reports, and other channels that promote Free Speech. We are also aware of the connection of certain persons and agencies with corrupt organizations like Cyveillance Incorporated, Inc. who secretly monitor, wiretap, and index web pages on behalf of U.S. government agences controlled or directed by persons with ties or interests to Russians. Thus, the recent spying ring; this was predicted months ago by this Publisher.

For the record:
1. NAAS EAS/N2 Rules prohibit the use of proxy servers to access the NAAS channels;

2. Please review again the same disclaimer you have repeatedly accessed, namely Section VI of the NAAS Legal Disclaimer as relates to the Disbursement of Awards;

3. We are aware of your interests in and associations with persons also featured in NAAS Media Reports, and that you have accessed the same.

4. We are aware that Cyviellance has used a variety of equipment and software to corrupt machines and cellular devices of Americans, as well as persons believed to be related to NAAS Agents; such equipment has been replaced or destroyed pursuant to NAAS EAS/N2 Rules to prevent access to confidential media sources, and tradesecrets protected by U.S. federal laws.;

5. NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 604-c, provides, in part: "The entity NAAS-USA Fund does not assume, accept, or claim responsibility for any act(s) of errors, omissions, mistakes, negligence, committed or engaged in by the United States Postal Service, including any and all computer programmers, advertisers, and webmasters, information technology analysts, and others, employed by or associated therewith. Nor does NAAS-USA Fund assume, accept, or claim responsibility for any ancillary or tangential affects associated with any act(s) of errors, omissions, mistakes, committed or engaged in by the United States Postal Service, etc, et al. It is the legal responsibility of the webmaster or agents of USPS, not NAAS-USA Fund, to competently and clearly notify each and every person and business affected by and/or who relied upon, or who continues to rely upon such errors, omissions, mistakes, or confusing, and contradictory statements."

It is recommended that your agency investigate the practices and conduct of the Idaho State Department of Education and Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc., or make clear that said agencies or persons are exempt from U.S. federal laws by publicly proclaiming the exemption on the official website of the United States Postal Service.