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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Austin Ventures: Links up with Trademark Infringer

Are you tired of hearing about corruption in Texas? Well, read this.
Austin Ventures, a Texas-based venture capital firm provided in excess of $5million to The American LLC. NAAS Media Reports reveal that The American Academy LLC is a Utah-based outfit that is also a staunch collective member of Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc.

In fact, in November of 2009, barely a month had passed before some idiot at Austin Ventures decided to formalize its agreement with The American Academy, that company was served with a legal CEASE AND DESIST NOTICE to stop infringing upon the NAAS label. In addition, public notices of this infringement were posted throughout the Internet, and even on multiple media channels. Eventually, NAAS Agents forcefully stripped The American Academy LLC of its illegal use of the NAAS label because the company would not voluntarily comply with a CEASE AND DESIST letter to stop molesting the NAAS label. What can you expect from a Utah-based company??

Besides, many contend that child molestation is part of the culture of many parts of Utah.
Would you invest millions of dollars in a company that can't even police itself from infringing upon other company's tradeamarks?

As of June 2nd of 2010, The YouTube channel of the American Academy had less than 700 channel views. Apparently, their clients do not think much of their YouTube channel and neither does management; YouTube claims management has not logged into the account in over 2 months. With $5 million dollars in their pockets, where has the money been spent? Who are the investors of Austin Ventures? Do the investors know how their money is being spent?

According to their propaganda literature, Austin Ventures (AV) claims to have worked with talented entrepreneurs to build valuable companies for nearly twenty-five years.

Apparently, Austin Ventures (AV) is itching to waste millions of dollars. They boast $3.9 billion under management. Sounds impressive, but Bernie Madoff had over $100 billion. AV is the most active venture capital and growth equity firm in Texas. So what!

The moral and ethical credibility of Austin Ventures and its ability to evaluate investment prospects is a matter that its investor base should consider.

The American Academy owes a debt to National Academy of American Scholars for its unethical use and profiteering of the famous and respected NAAS label, and its false claims to students that its operations were christened 'NAAS' Accredited. In fact, The American Academy LLC was not, never has, and is currently unfit to be NAAS Accredited.

When is Austin Ventures going to clear the name of The American Academy?? Any investment in this company will be contested until its debts are cleared.

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