Sunday, May 30, 2010

Legal Notices to Phony 'NAAS' Persons

Legal notices are being sent to all collective members of Northwest Association of Accredited Schools to remind such schools and persons to respect U.S. federal laws and abandon their beliefs that American laws, American customs, and U.S. legal authorities do not apply to schools, organizations, or institutions that receive Russian funds.

Unfortunately, Northwest Association of Accredited Schools appears to have abandoned its members and has not taken any public action to remind its members that use of the NAAS label without consent is illegal. This sort of conduct is consistent with the way this organization has been portrayed in legal pleadings.

Originally, Northwest Association of Accredited Schools deliberately recruited American schools and organizations to download the NAAS logo without informing such schools that the NAAS logo was protected intellectual property.

In March of 2010, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office issued a FINAL REFUSAL to its attempts to molest, hijack, and rape the NAAS label.

Instead of being an ethical leader and demanding that the same schools who had previously participated in the illegal downloads and infringement now cease use of the NAAS label, and pay for previous use of the NAAS label, Northwest Association of Accredited Schools has not made any public statements on their website, press releases, or attempted to persuade its rebel members to respect U.S. federal laws.

This sort of belligerent and unethical conduct is completely consistent with media characterizations and legal pleadings filed with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office that portray schools accredited under Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc. as illegitimate, and unethical.

It is no secret that Russia is an endorser of phony 'NAAS' Accreditation schemes. It has been using American institutions as a foundation to soften its image under the fraudulent misuse of the NAAS label. Russia employs hackers, informants, and spys to achieve its objectives. Russia is not happy with NAAS Media Reports.

As a country, Americans must remember that Russia still has nuclear missiles pointed at every American man, woman, and child. Russia simply cannot be trusted.

In exchange for donations, funds, and other benefits, the state education departments and education boards located in Utah, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, and Idaho have participated in a massive scheme of 'NAAS' Accreditation fraud whereby such persons have collectively agreed to use the prestige, integrity, and superior reputation of National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS) as a recruiting tool.

Illegitimate 'NAAS' entities are being urged to obtain an NAAS Provisional license. Until they do so, they will continue to be correctly classified as illegitimate.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NAAS International News Channel feeds

We would like to thank International news channels for picking up our videos and NAAS NEWS Media reports about 'NAAS' Accreditation Scams.

We affirm that any school, institution, or U.S. state government agency that is promoting an 'NAAS' Accreditation product or service without written consent from National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS), or without having first secured an NAAS Provisional license is engaging in a deliberate criminal act; this statement also refers to the state education departments of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Utah.

The Idaho State Department of Education and the Utah State Board of Education are more corrupt than Iraq or Iran. The employees who manage and operate these agencies are traitors to the United States for their refusal to insist that Utah and Idaho schools abandon infringement of the NAAS label, stop deceiving U.S. students as to the source and origin of the NAAS label, or pay the required the licensing fees like legitimate businessess would do.

We are thankful that the L.A. Lakers trounced and defeated the sorrowful Utah Jazz basketball team, and their earring-wearing sissy leader Deron Williams, since it is very clear that Utah is not a full and unconditional supporter of the U.S. Constitution, AND the federal laws of the United States of America.

Utah is a prominent supporter, and endorser of 'NAAS' Accreditation scams used by terrorists to legitimize their educational credentials.

Also, we support the University of Southern California in its trademark case against the University of South Carolina. As was the case against Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc., attorneys for the University of South Carolina should have never created their far-fetched campaign of claiming rights to the 'SC logo.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Table of Revoked 'NAAS' Accreditation Status

We have published a newly updated list of schools and institutions whose 'NAAS' accreditation status has been revoked for non payment of licensing fees. Parents and students are urged to review this list before making any final decisions on enrollment.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Innovations International Charter School of Las Vegas, NV

Innovations International Charter School of Las Vegas, Nevada, is just one of several examples of the type of suspicious entities with questionable standards and practices that are typically associated with Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc.

On May 4th, 2010, less than 60 days after the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office REFUSED the corrupt efforts of is parent accrediting agency to register the NAAS label, this apparently mismanaged and/or reckless entity placed a half-page ad in the Las Vegas Review Journal featuring the famous NAAS logo although substantial evidence was in the public domain that verified the fact that the school WAS NOT 'NAAS' accredited, and had no legal basis to molest, interfere with, or infringe upon the NAAS mark.

The Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper, which has a history of questionable editorial standards and journalism ethics, accepted the corrupt advertising claim, or placed the ad for free (which is doubtful). Whereas similar attempts by an NAAS agent to place an ad in the same newspaper for an ad that featured a claim of endorsement by the "Las Vegas Review Journal" was not accepted (of course).

This evidence supports claims made by this Publisher that many schools, school districts, and entities that claim accreditation by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, are who are collective members of this organization, are so lacking in ethics, morals, and integrity, that this Publisher is compelled to denounce these 'NAAS' accreditation scams.

In order for these entites and persons to respect U.S. federal laws, these persons apparently have to be legally forced, shackled, tasered, or arrested. Business ethics, and integrity is a trait that does not appear to exist for many schools and entities that claim accreditation by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. This opinion is strongly supported by the actions and conduct by state education departments, and collective members, connected to Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.

Innovations International Charter Schools of Las Vegas, Nevada, DOES NOT meet legitimate NAAS accreditation standards approved by National Academy of American Scholars(NAAS); and, its use of the NAAS logo is a violation of the intellectual property rights of National Academy of American Scholars, etc.

The U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, college, universities, and employment centers, and numerous federal agencies have been notified of persons claiming 'NAAS' accreditation status, as well as the employees of such schools, as well as their paying clients .

If the names of offending persons are in a Table of Unaccredited 'NAAS' schools, these schools have not been properly licensed to use the NAAS label. Only paying schools may use the NAAS label in commerce. Depending upon your opinion, unlicensed persons and entities using the NAAS label without permission may be viewed and treated as disreputable.

Parents that anticipate sending monies or funds to phony 'NAAS' schools risk legal action, and severe embarrassment. Furthermore,the legitimate NAAS rejects and disclaims any and all associations, implied, or real, with the employees, students, and teachers associated with any school that has not secured an NAAS Provisional License.

We encourage ALL falsely labeled 'NAAS' schools, and collective members of Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, to come clean, and respect U.S. federal laws, and remit fees for past illegitimate use of the NAAS label. This act can be accomplished with a single click by completing eNAAS EAS/N2 Form 0089.

Any entity that seeks to use the NAAS label in commerce is required to first seek approval and proper licensing. As of today's date, Innovations International Charter Schools has not paid that fee. If and when the school does so, this report may be updated accordingly.

NAAS DEIA California affiliates have been assigned to investigate suspicious and illegal 'NAAS' Diploma Mills, and schools boasting of 'NAAS' Accreditation claims.

Affected parents and students attending or who reside in specified zipcodes may be sent notices reminding the same that acceptance of funds from illegal or unlicensed 'NAAS' schools will be challenged.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

NAAS Term Updates

Greetings. We would like to thank all persons who have submitted NAAS applications for the most recent term. Please note that all NAAS applications are being processed in accordance to NAAS EAS/N2 Rules., and per the most recent Selection and Administrative Schedule published in the June issue of Scholarship Watch.

We appreciate your interest. More information will follow.