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Friday, April 2, 2010

Why is there a fee for NAAS Multi-Media System?

Some of of our users have wondered Why ia there a fee to become an NAAS Subscriber or why is there a fee to access the NAAS Multi-Media Application forms?
Typically, when a product is provided, or when a service is rendered, the merchant offering the product or service is compensated for the effort, time, creativity, labor, that was expended to create the product or to deliver the service.

National Academy of American Scholars is not a charity organization. Fees and costs are required to provide the services and features offered.

In addition, we need to prevent automated bots, automated submissions, and ensure that only legitimate human users access special NAAS forms. Technology is not free and it costs money to support and administer. Many NAAS fees are one-time fees that are less than the cost of one day's usage of your cell phone; less than the costs to travel to your favorite sport's team; less than the costs of a six-pack; less than the cost of a traffic ticket; much less than the cost of an iPhone; and, certainly less than the costs of a typical hair cut.

Invest in yourself when it matters most. Don't short-change your future!

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