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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Value of a law Degree = $0.00

If you are looking to become an attorney, you should know that a law degree should be taken seriously. Too many persons that are corrupt, unethical, and whom lack integrity become attorneys because they cannot function under traditional ethics and morality that is required at a typical place of employment.

State Bar organizations represent attorneys that are supposed to police attorneys in exchange for membership fees from the same persons they are supposed to regulate. Of course, this arrangement leads to unethical conduct, and lack of protection for the general public.

The typical attorney is not very bright, and uses deceit and deception to convince a jury that a false statement is supposed to be true or believed. In the state of California, Idaho, New York, and elsewhere corrupt attorneys are plentiful and in fact quite common. The reason why many persons seek out law degrees in California is because scheming persons seeking law degrees are aware that the State Bar of California and the California judicial system will not seriously prosecute attorneys who violate State Bar Rules.

In New York, the top attorney for the State of New York was Eliot Spitzer. And how corrupt was he? He was associating with some of the most debased, obscene, and despicable persons on the planet until finally snared in a prostitution ring. Corrupt New York authorities refused to treat Eliot Spitzer like the criminal he really is. The recent appearance of this man on CNN news with CNN host Campbell Brown was an embarassment to America, and a blow to the integrity of CNN. NAAS Media is the true most Trusted Name in the News.

California attorneys have a thorough reputation as being amongst the most corrupt in the U.S.A. This is what apparently motivated Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc. to seek a California attorney in its failed and defeated attempts to secure an NAAS trademark.

Without integrity, without intelligence, and without respect for federal laws, a law degree is worthless! Just ask Eliot Spitzer, or the attorney who lost to NAAS Agents.

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