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Friday, April 2, 2010

New NAAS Multi-Media channel

Since 1988, National Academy of American Scholars has sponsored the annual NAAS Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze NAAS Awards for collegiate students and high-school seniors. We have published Scholarship Watch, NAAS Financial-Aid Reports, and an assortment of valuable NAAS publications geared towards students, parents, educators, and institutions.

NAAS is also the original sponsor of the Easley National Scholarships.

Many large corporations, donors, and advertisers have since incorporated the concept of associating precious metals (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Platinum) with their products and services. The creator of this idea, however, were the founders of National Academy of American Scholars.

We have created a new multi-media channel that will launch our NAAS Multi-Media Educational DVDs. Although there are companies that claim to produce and market educational DVDS for youth, make no mistake that an NAAS Multi-Media Educational DVD will meet the high standards of superiority, quality, and outstanding authorship expected of an NAAS-branded product.

We will incorporate technology, and skills, and examples, that it is not present in many educational DVDS. We have recruited a professional film-making company and other talented cast that will entertain your son or daughter as he she begins to grasp and excel in various academic areas.

Please view our NAASNEWS YouTube channel for updates and visual product displays.

The current video details how to obtain an NAAS Multi-Media Information Packet., and introduces the new NAAS Educational Multi-Media DVD Learning Series. The NAAS Multi-Media Packet features CD-ROM that describes NAAS products and services, and includes a free set of NAAS applications (beta) for non-Subscriibers. We do NOT accept personal checks. Past awards have ranged from $5000 to $25,000.00. NAAS-NEWS is an independent news division subsidiary of National Academy of American Scholars.

For more information about NAAS products and services, please visit our website at

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