Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NAAS.ORG Downtime. Backup channel activated.

StartLogic Inc. is the company that provides hosting for the primary NAAS.ORG website. Start Logic has been experiencing a number of security and/or server-related issues for the past 72 hours. These issues have adversely impacted the traditional consistency, reliability, and uptime of websites hosted by Start Logic, including the NAAS.ORG website.

We have therefore activated one of several back-up channels that feature the NAAS.ORG domain. This backup channel will be fully functional within a matter of hours.

In addition, we will be installing new ecommerce security certificates to the website, as well as upgrading NAAS Subscriber content. Complete functionality should be complete no later than Friday morning. For the latest updates, please refer to the NAAS Blog.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Monday, April 26, 2010

NAAS Subscription Content

New NAAS Subscription content to be added to NAAS Subscriber area. NAAS Subscribers will benefit from a wide-range of new, exciting, and feature-rich new services. For a bargain price of just $10.00, we aim to offer the best services afforded.

Please continue to read the NAAS blog for details.

NAAS Website Down/Re-Started

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Value of a law Degree = $0.00

If you are looking to become an attorney, you should know that a law degree should be taken seriously. Too many persons that are corrupt, unethical, and whom lack integrity become attorneys because they cannot function under traditional ethics and morality that is required at a typical place of employment.

State Bar organizations represent attorneys that are supposed to police attorneys in exchange for membership fees from the same persons they are supposed to regulate. Of course, this arrangement leads to unethical conduct, and lack of protection for the general public.

The typical attorney is not very bright, and uses deceit and deception to convince a jury that a false statement is supposed to be true or believed. In the state of California, Idaho, New York, and elsewhere corrupt attorneys are plentiful and in fact quite common. The reason why many persons seek out law degrees in California is because scheming persons seeking law degrees are aware that the State Bar of California and the California judicial system will not seriously prosecute attorneys who violate State Bar Rules.

In New York, the top attorney for the State of New York was Eliot Spitzer. And how corrupt was he? He was associating with some of the most debased, obscene, and despicable persons on the planet until finally snared in a prostitution ring. Corrupt New York authorities refused to treat Eliot Spitzer like the criminal he really is. The recent appearance of this man on CNN news with CNN host Campbell Brown was an embarassment to America, and a blow to the integrity of CNN. NAAS Media is the true most Trusted Name in the News.

California attorneys have a thorough reputation as being amongst the most corrupt in the U.S.A. This is what apparently motivated Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc. to seek a California attorney in its failed and defeated attempts to secure an NAAS trademark.

Without integrity, without intelligence, and without respect for federal laws, a law degree is worthless! Just ask Eliot Spitzer, or the attorney who lost to NAAS Agents.

Friday, April 23, 2010

NAAS Award Deferrals

A portion of this post is a repeat of a post published in December of 2009.

Preliminary estimates indicate that we may not achieve our statistical requirement for a minimum number of qualified candidates for the current term per NAAS EAS/N2 Rules.

In addition, we have a large cross-section of students in the states of Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Alaska, Oregon, and Utah that may not meet the accreditation standards required per NAAS eligibility standards.

In addition, forward-looking statements of anticipated funds from donors indicate that funding levels for the current term have not met the reserve requirements needed to allocate the anticipated NAAS Awards because the statistical minimums have not been met.

In addition, a portion of fund-raising expenditures have been deferred in favor of allocating expenses for technological research, and new product development.

In addition, legal expenses and resources incurred in combatting 'NAAS' accreditation scams have had a material impact on administrative expenses related to the administration of NAAS awards.

Unfortunately, these series of events will not allow sufficient resources to focus upon the current term of NAAS Awards to a level that most students, parents, and educators have traditionally expected from an NAAS Administration. Therefore, the 20th NAAS term will be deferred until the following term thereafter, unless notified to the contrary.

Pending and submitted NAAS Award applications will still be honored, and accepted, but deferred administrative action until such awards are affirmatively re-activated for an active term per NAAS EAS/N2 Rules. NAAS Semi-finalists will be still be contacted.

For further questions on this issue, please submit questions via NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 002, OR refer to the member-area for NAAS Subscribers.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

U.S.C. Trojans Defeat Univ. of South Carolina


Neil C. Jones, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP, of Greenville, South Carolina, argued for appellant. With him on the brief was Ashley B. Summer.

Scott A. Edelman, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, of Los Angeles, California, argued for appellee. Of counsel on the brief was Michael S. Adler, Tantalo & Adler LLP, of Beverly Hills, California.

In a case followed by National Academy of American Scholars, The University of Southern California recently emerged victorious in a contested battle with the University of South Carolina.

At issue was the interlocking “SC” logo, used by both schools. Both the The University of Southern California and the University of South Carolina have claimed the SC logo as their own. The two schools have engaged in a bitter battle over the logo since 2002, when South Carolina attempted to federally register their logo.

Southern California already had a registered trademark on the interlocking letters, and asserted that the logos were too similar. The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) agreed, and South Carolina made a counterclaim, which it also lost.

In fact, the counter-claim filed by the University of South Carolina sought to cancel the trademark registration of The University of Southern California. It is amazing that the University of South Carolina can consciously raise student tuition rates, and wrangle with the fact that "the percentage of funding cuts for higher education in South Carolina is the highest in the nation", yet still afford to pay attorneys to cancel a legitimate and upstanding trademark application out of spite and anger.

Sports fans certainly recognize that The University of Southern California markets SC apparel in a wider market following than the University of South Carolina. The legit USC has more national championships, and has won earned the respect of the national educational community with its committment to excellence.

University of South Carolina claims to have a right to use the SC logo. What about the NAAS logo? Why does The University of South Carolina permit a rogue, and unethical professor, Don Jordan, to infringe upon the NAAS label? Where are these expensive University of South Carolina attorneys when they need to drill some common sense into the fat head of Don Jordan?

Like David Steadman has a made fool out of the states of Utah and Idaho, Don Jordan is embarrassing the University of South Carolina and he is evidence that all of the marketing statements, fancy literature, and feel-good claims made about University of South Carolina by University of South Carolina are simply hot-air. The reality is Don Jordan.

Don Jordan is a serial trademark infringer, and property molester. He is arrogant and fashions himself as above the law. He sets an example to University of South Carolina students that violations of federal laws are fine.

Some persons believe that Don Jordan is the type of person that motivates and fuels the Tim McVeighs, Virginia Virginia Tech massacre suspect Seung-hui Cho, anti-establishment persons, etc.

My hunch is that The University of South Carolina was cursed from the beginning. Like Don Jordan, they were on the wrong side of the law. Clean up your own house, before seeking to clean the house of others. Start with Don Jordan!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Notice to California State Bar; NAAS Accreditation Scams Update.

Attn: Chief Trial Prosecutor/Enforcement Officer
San Francisco (Main Office)
180 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Attn: Chief Trial Prosecutor/Enforcement Officer
1149 South Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

In Re: California State Bar member Attorney Bruno Tarabichi

Pursuant to public NAAS EAS/N2 Rules, please be advised that a complaint will be initiated against the above attorney.

Bruno Tarabichi is a member of the California State Bar pursuant to the California State Bar Act, and California Codes, Business & Professions Codes §6002. California Codes, Business & Professions Codes §6004 requires that every member of the "California State Bar is an active member until as in Section 6007 of the California State Bar Act, or at his request, he is
enrolled as an inactive member. "

Legal pleadings and the like filed with the U.S. Patent & Trademark office have confirmed that your State Bar member has been put on notice that moral turpitude, failure to render honest services, breach of contract (he has visited the website, and read the NAAS legal disclaimer), and the like are offenses prosecutable by the California State Bar per California Codes, Business & Professions Codes §6007(c)(1).

The State Bar of California has the authority to "order the involuntary inactive enrollment of an attorney upon a finding that the attorney’s conduct poses a substantial threat of harm to the interests of the attorney’s clients or to the public...."

For a fee, Bruno Tarabichi agreed to get in bed with and thus represent Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc., before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Their collective goal: to convince that agency to ignore public NAAS EAS/N2 Rules, ignore basic facts, disregard the interests of the collective members, and instead seek approval of a flawed trademark application that sought to misuse the great NAAS brand. Legal pleadings verify past trademark infringement abuse by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, and state education departments in Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Utah, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.; all of these states have sought to infringe upon the NAAS label while refusing to compensate the trademark owner.

In March of 2010, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office issued a FINAL REJECTION after receiving facts and evidence that contradicted the multiple false and untrue claims of Bruno Tarabichi, the so-called "Attorney" hired by David Steadman.


We have reviewed the institutions where Bruno Tarabichi claims to have received his education from, and those institutions DO NOT meet NAAS standards in terms of quality, integrity, and nationwide rankings. These flaws, however, are not an excuse, to engage in the sort of conduct that is the basis of our complaint. We will also be submitting a Freedom of Information Act Request to the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security to review his immigration and/or citizenship status to ensure he is a legal and lawful citizen of the U.S.A.

PLEASE NOTE that any further perceived inappropriate statements or improper acts, or violations of public NAAS EAS/N2 Rules, by any California State Bar member, will result in a detailed Petition for An Order to Show Cause why Attorney Bruno Tarabichi should not be disbarred from both the Trademark Trials and Appeal Board, and the California State Bar.

National Academy of American Scholars will NOT tolerate corrupt and unethical attorneys, or attorneys who do not meticulously adhere to the canons and ethics required by the American Bar Association.

New NAAS Multi-Media channel

Since 1988, National Academy of American Scholars has sponsored the annual NAAS Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze NAAS Awards for collegiate students and high-school seniors. We have published Scholarship Watch, NAAS Financial-Aid Reports, and an assortment of valuable NAAS publications geared towards students, parents, educators, and institutions.

NAAS is also the original sponsor of the Easley National Scholarships.

Many large corporations, donors, and advertisers have since incorporated the concept of associating precious metals (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Platinum) with their products and services. The creator of this idea, however, were the founders of National Academy of American Scholars.

We have created a new multi-media channel that will launch our NAAS Multi-Media Educational DVDs. Although there are companies that claim to produce and market educational DVDS for youth, make no mistake that an NAAS Multi-Media Educational DVD will meet the high standards of superiority, quality, and outstanding authorship expected of an NAAS-branded product.

We will incorporate technology, and skills, and examples, that it is not present in many educational DVDS. We have recruited a professional film-making company and other talented cast that will entertain your son or daughter as he she begins to grasp and excel in various academic areas.

Please view our NAASNEWS YouTube channel for updates and visual product displays.

The current video details how to obtain an NAAS Multi-Media Information Packet., and introduces the new NAAS Educational Multi-Media DVD Learning Series. The NAAS Multi-Media Packet features CD-ROM that describes NAAS products and services, and includes a free set of NAAS applications (beta) for non-Subscriibers. We do NOT accept personal checks. Past awards have ranged from $5000 to $25,000.00. NAAS-NEWS is an independent news division subsidiary of National Academy of American Scholars.

For more information about NAAS products and services, please visit our website at

Why is there a fee for NAAS Multi-Media System?

Some of of our users have wondered Why ia there a fee to become an NAAS Subscriber or why is there a fee to access the NAAS Multi-Media Application forms?
Typically, when a product is provided, or when a service is rendered, the merchant offering the product or service is compensated for the effort, time, creativity, labor, that was expended to create the product or to deliver the service.

National Academy of American Scholars is not a charity organization. Fees and costs are required to provide the services and features offered.

In addition, we need to prevent automated bots, automated submissions, and ensure that only legitimate human users access special NAAS forms. Technology is not free and it costs money to support and administer. Many NAAS fees are one-time fees that are less than the cost of one day's usage of your cell phone; less than the costs to travel to your favorite sport's team; less than the costs of a six-pack; less than the cost of a traffic ticket; much less than the cost of an iPhone; and, certainly less than the costs of a typical hair cut.

Invest in yourself when it matters most. Don't short-change your future!