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Monday, November 16, 2009

NAAS Subscription Activation Keys

All NAAS Subscribers prior to November 15th, 2009, are encouraged to upgrade to the new NAAS.ORG NAAS Subscription Member Services. This can be accomplished by submitting a new subscription at

NAAS Media Reports will still be hosted at NAAS-NEWS.INFO as well as at NAAS.ORG however NAAS Multi-Media Application forms, and most subscription features will reside with NAAS.ORG.

The new NAAS Member login area is complete, and the final files embedded with security consraints are being uploaded as I type this note.

The new subscription price will be $20.00 for a full year. The price will include a free NAAS T-shirt (while supplies last), and an NAAS Multi-Media DVD; no shipping charges.

We anticipate public activation by 2100 hours tonight.

Thank you!

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