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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Service Interruption by hosting Company

Message Received from NAAS.ORG Hosting company:
We regret to inform that there was a short recurrence of a network service interruption this morning (10/6) at about 9:05 AM ET.

The interruption was caused by a failure of a Start Logic hosting company core routers, which caused an overload on our network. This would have affected some services such as CGI, FTP, Mail, or MySQL. We were able to temporarily fix the issue and restore all services at around 9:45 AM ET. However, we do expect to have a small degradation of services while we continue to make further adjustments to our Network.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. Please continue to check this important system notice for the most up to date information regarding this alert.
To counter inconsistent service and reliability from third-party hosting companies, and to ensure NAAS clients receive the same superior service they have received over 25 years, NAAS Staff has begun the process of developing appropriate plans and security measures to counter such unscheduled downtimes. This plan began 24 hours ago, and will be implemented within 72 hours of todays date. As one website is no longer available, the same website will appear seamlessly without interruption to service.

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