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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Phony FaceBook tied to Northwest Association

A phony FaceBook account that was apparently created by an officer of Northwest Association of Accredited Schools was shut down today by NAAS DEIA Agents, with the assistance of FaceBook Inc. Leonard Paul, an officer of Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, was the public signer on the account. He is suspected of creating a phony FaceBook account on October 8th, 2009, nearly 2 months after the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office suggested that the use of the NAAS label by his company was fraudulent and infringed upon the rights of National Academy of American Scholars.

Despite a CEASE AND DESIST letter sent via certified U.S. mail to David Steadman, despite a formal rejection by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, despite being dropped by Boise State University, and numerous others persons who respect and obey U.S. federal laws, and despite their repeated failures to censor the NAAS NEWS Media reports, officials from Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, and their die-hard Russian affiliates, Communist sympathizers, and Aryan worshippers tied to the Idaho State Dept. of Education still have not quite grasped that their credibility and integrity is about as high as child molester and kidnapper Phillip Garrido.

The entire state government apparatus of Idaho must be on the Russian payroll. Lack of respect for U.S. federal laws is typically a definite early warning sign of traitors, spys, and Russian sympathizers. Certainly one can suspect Nick Smith, Tom Luna, and Richard Bauscher as potential moles or agents of Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. After all, NAAS Media Reports have not been contested by either person.

What about the daughters and sons of David Steadman?? They signed on to the phony FaceBook account. Are we to surmise that fraud, indecency, stupidity, and perversity is a family affair for the Steadman family?

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