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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Status: Idaho State Dept. of Education,

To Whomever it May Concern, etc, et al:

This electronic correspondence is a notice to all parties possibly affected by the subject matter hereof. It contains information in regards to the investigation of the business practices of the Idaho State Dept. of Education, a/k/a/ Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc., their American affiliate companies that claim 'NAAS' accreditation, and certain Russian and foreign agents related thereto. These parties and certain others are currently being investigated for a variety of offenses in relationship to media stories, and their public attempts to file a trademark application that sought to steal or infringe upon the protected NAAS trademark.

The full details of these offenses have not been revealed inorder to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation. Needless to say, the facts are substantial. Please review ongoing NAAS Media Reports on topics related Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, or the Idaho State Dept. of Education; the latter, the Idaho State Dept. of Education has admitted to engaging in criminal conduct and continues to use tax revenue from Idaho citizens to fund their illegal, illegitimate, and unethical 'NAAS' Accredition business practices.

Consumers, and the general public should be forewarned that employees of the Idaho State Dept. of Education, and certain Russian or foreign agents related thereto, may attempt to engage in such conduct as impersonating police officers, impersonating law enforcement officials, inpersonating FTC', 'USPS', 'FBI', officials, just as they have already publicly impersonated 'NAAS' commissioners, and 'NAAS' officers. The objective of this conduct may be to
obstruct the enforcement of federal laws that specifically prohibit the very conduct they are engaged in.

Certain of their conduct includes maliciously and illegally accessing public computers all in an attempt to thwart the enforcement of federal laws that prohibit their unauthorized, illegal, and outrageous scheme of selling phony 'NAAS' accreditation packages without the consent of and without compensation to the authorized owner of the label.

From a legal perspective, if these persons lack a valid warrant issued from a judge that has both inpersonam and subject matter jurisdiction, said warrant should be ignored, and treated like the same paper waste that comprises their phony 'NAAS' Accreditation certificates.

The credibility of the Idaho State Dept. of Education is about as high as kidnapping suspect Phillip Garrido, or convicted espionage spy Robert Phillip Hanssen.

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