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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Northwest Association of Accredited Schools DENIED!

To all parties affected by or whom have knowledge of the subject matter hereof.

As you are aware, a representative of Northwest Association of Accredited Schools submitted a seriously flawed, false, and quite deceptive application to the United States Trademark Office, seeking to register a mark nearly identical to a mark associated with National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS). In the instant matter, applicant sought to embed the NAAS trademark into its application, and thus associate the same with an entity that has not been endorsed, not been approved, and has not been licensed by registrant-of-record. The trademark application submitted by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools was done without the express consent of registrant-of- record.

To investigate the matter further, a series of external private attorneys were tested and intervewed by NAAS staff, including several attorneys whom have prominent listings in paid sponsored Google/Yahoo links. However, none of these persons were deemed qualifed, competent, or capable to execute the matter in accordance with NAAS standards, and U.S. laws.

An NAAS Special Agent appeared ex-parte and requested submission of new evidence. The request was granted pursuant to the case authority cited, as well as Trademark Act Section 2(d), 15 U.S.C. §1052(d); see TMEP §§1207.01 et seq. Based thereon, a REFUSAL TO REGISTER notice was submitted to applicant. The conclusion reached by the United States Patent & Trademark office is certainly appropriate and correct. The legal case authority against the legitimacy of the proposed application submitted by applicant is overwhelming.

Northwest Association of Accredited Schools currently has a direct relationship with seven(7) state education departments. However, this organization also offers accrediting services to schools in other states. State education departments in Alaska, Utah, Oregon, Nevada, Washington,Montana, and Idaho are the only states in the U.S.A. that appear to have agreed to accept wholesale the accrediting standards promoted by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.
We sincerely hope that Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, its foreign supporters, and its network of false domestic NAAS entities will respect the U.S. Constitution, and the intellectual property laws of the United States of America. They must either discontinue their perverted covetous desire of a brand made famous by registrant-of-record, or they may consent to a licensing agreement to use the same as a legitimate and honest business would do.

We entirely support and applaud the decision of the U.S. States Patent & Trademark office to enforce the U.S. Trademark Act, and to deny the entire application submitted by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.

We are continuing an ongoing national and world-wide effort of identifying and evaluating possible persons to publicly prosecute with respect to their unauthorized use of the NAAS brand. This effort extends to hosting companies, employers, donors, web designers, educators, attorneys who engage in acts of moral turpitude with respect to supporting or contributing to trademark infringement, and any other person(s) who violates NAAS EAS/N2 rules.

Those persons who continue to violate U.S. Trademark laws, or other federal laws, do so at their own peril. Time is of the essence for affected parties to purchase an NAAS Discount license to legitimize the display of the NAAS mark on their respective websites. We do not condone or approve of any person using the NAAS mark without approval. Such persons should be aware that their unauthorized use of the same (indirectly or directly) will likely bear far greater economic costs, continued liablity, or adverse publicity than any possible benefits.

Interested persons may refer to the notes below for a current list of NAAS news items and related NAAS videos that pertain to the subject matter hereof. Certain links may be temporarily enabled for the next 120 hours to be accessed without an NAAS Subscription or NAAS Access Card. Evidence of disabled links are left 'AS IS'.

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