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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NAAS Applicants Must Attend NAAS-Approved Schools

There is a new policy now in effect for NAAS Award applicants. There is no fee for students who attend schools that have purchased an NAAS Discount License, or that are NAAS-Approved.

Students attending schools or institutions that have purchased an NAAS Discount License may apply without any fees; students attending unaccredited 'NAAS' schools will be charged fees.

This new policy is now in effect due to numerous schools falsely claiming 'NAAS Accrediation' status.

We recommend that all NAAS Award participants use our online form at
There is no need to to purchase costly U.S. postage stamps, or have your valuable correspondence subject to control by U.S. Postal employees.

For more information about how to purchase an NAAS Discount License, please refer to NAAS Licensing Information page

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