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Monday, July 13, 2009

David Steadman Investigated for Perjury

David Steadman, who is desperately seeking to be associated with the world-famous, prestigious, and internationally known 'NAAS' trademark made famous by the founders of National Academy of American Scholars, is under investigation for perjury.

Mr. Steadman, and his group of fake 'NAAS' affiliates, have been the focus of several NAAS NEWS Media reports concerning their illegal, unauthorized, and inappropriate use of the the 'NAAS' mark.

According to certified records obtained from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, David Steadman personally submitted a document to that agency that was signed under penalty of perjury. The statements made by David Steadman contradict federal records, and public facts. Accordingly, legal options include pursuing civil and criminal charges, including a federal charge of perjury.

Mr. Steadman is the apparent President of Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. The organization has underwent several name changes over the years, but has recently settled on the latest (Northwest Association of Accredited Schools) because Mr. Steadman incorrectly believes that this deceitful arrangement of names and words will justify trademark/copyright infringement.

Clearly, Mr. David Steadman is a very desperate man. Who is more desperate: a criminal being chased by the police down a dark alley corridor, or David Steadman trying to out run or out maneuver U.S. Trademark/copyright laws? David Steadman is leaving no stone untouched. The State Education Dept. of Idaho is the biggest collaborator of Steadman. An investigation of the unethical and neo-Nazi backgrounds of certain employees of that agency seem to provide an explanation for the insanely defiant conduct of certain of its partners. Hey Dave: is it too much to ask for you to be a decent American and follow the law??

David Steadman and his group have little or no respect for U.S. federal laws, and appear to have a financial arrangement from Russian operatives. The connection to Russia is disclosed on their website.

For more information about Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, and its relationship to the Idaho Dept. of Education, please review NAAS NEWS Media reports at, or

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