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Saturday, April 11, 2009

NAAS Malibox Impersonation Scam

United States Postal Service
CrossRoads Station
Attn: Management
LAS VEGAS, NV 89130-4001

Dear sir:
Thank you for your hand-written letter. According to your letter, you want us to believe that someone is misusing our mailing address as their own. Ok. Ok. we believe you, for now. Is this really surprising?? Think about it. We have the most accurate, most biting NEWS reports on the Internet. Our latest presentation deals with scams and crimes related to Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. They have offices in Las Vegas, Nevada. It seems kind of curious you wrote your later at about the same time we have been publicly profiling this organization and its sub-groups.

Whomever sent you the letter(s) certainly did not use their own address. Duh??? I suggest, you take some DNA samples, and run the letters through the database, and match the times where that person(s) was.

Why would any person associated with NAAS be sending you anything?? Our investigation reveals that you are not qualified or eligible for any NAAS Award(s). It is obvious that we are rather too busy to be engaging in the sort of non-sense that you describe. Nonetheless, we appreciate your correspondence. It simply re-confirms that someone apparently thought enough about the effectiveness and reach of NAAS products and services as to impersonate our mailing address and sucker other people into believing that the letter came from an NAAS agent.

Since National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS) cannot be touched with respect to our superior service, products, and conformance with the federal and state laws, the only route left for desperate persons profiled in our media reports is to bribe, influence, trick, or convince the U.S. Postal Service, and one or more of its crooked employees, to engage in deceit, violation of the federal laws, and violations of U.S. Civil rights.

This is an example as to why we do not promote or solicit correspondence via the U.S. mail.

Your letter seems rather phony. Are you really a U.S. Postal Inspector?? Is so, do you have anything better to do with your time?? Can you provide to us the name of your U.S. employer, or the Postal Inspector you spoke with?

As you know, anyone can use your mailing address in Pahrump, NV and make the exact claims. Why is your claim more legitimate than ours, or anyone else??

Editors note: Has anyone been receiving similar letters claiming
to have received letters from a NAAS mailing address??

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