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Friday, March 20, 2009

Prosecution of Trademark/Copyright Scofflaws

If you received a letter or notice from an NAAS attorney, or a summons to appear in court in regards to an NAAS copyright/trademark claim, the notice indicates you have or are about to be sued in court; or you have been identified as a target for potential prosecution for violation of U.S. Trademark/Copyright laws as pertains to NAAS intellectual property. To resolve this matter, you must eeither remit the required fee(s) for an NAAS License, or cease and remove all uses of the NAAS mark from your website and literature.

Unless you are an official NAAS Licensee, you are not allowed to use the “NAAS” or “National Academy of American Scholars” mark as an instrument to solicit commerce or attention to your company or institution. For licensing information and prices, please refer to our NAAS Licensing Information Page. It is a matter of public record that the mark ‘NAAS’ is a registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and has achieved incontestable status. Unauthorized use of this mark without proper approval is illegal.

If you are currently a scofflaw or illegal user of the NAAS mark, and you want to continue to use the ‘NAAS’ mark, you have two choices:

1. Purchase or BUY an NAAS license at; or,

2. REMOVE all references to the marks ‘NAAS’ from your website.

Rest assured, we will ensure that your illegal use of the mark is far more costlier and less pleasurable than your legal use with a valid NAAS license.

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