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Thursday, February 5, 2009

YouTube, LLC Yanks CentorMedia Accounts

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I was browsing the Internet another day, and discovered a couple of interesting YouTube accounts. One account, CentorMedia, was a virulent Anti-Semitism account created by Larah Centor. Larah Centor referred to herself as the sister of Elana Centor. Larah Centor accused her sister Elana Centor of racism against Barack Obama for publishing a comment several months ago that labeled Barack Obama with a dirty metaphor. Larah Centor also accused her brother Larry Centor of being a closet Communist who had no respect for U.S. laws.

The CentorMedia Youtube account attacked American principles of democracy, and had several links to terrorist websites connected to enemies of Israel.

Larah Centor labeled herself as the family comedian. She poked fun at herself, and New York Times reporters connected to Larry/Josh Centor.

This Publisher also determined that another account was linked to Joshe Centor. That account detailed his homosexuality, his stated preference toward men, his distaste for his father, his secret hatred of women, and claims that the Centor family had corrupt ties to federal agencies, and used these ties to infringe upon the civil rights of critics of the Centors. In fact, NAAS even subscribed to the CentorMedia account to keep track of what Larah was posting.

A few days ago, I tried to visit both sites, and was informed the Accounts Are Suspended. YouTube, LLC confirmed the accounts were connected to Centors. One must assume that YouTube, LLC suspended or closed the accounts because they were connected to extremism, Anti-Semitism, racism, and showed a secret side of the Centor family that few people knew existed.

Remember, this is an issue of the Centor family: the only family in America where the members can commit a crime and not be held accountable.

Unlike the other criminal websites that the Centors are connected to, YouTube acted in a responsible way, and shut down these despicable websites connected to the Centors, whom Larah Centor called the 'Center of Evil.'

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