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Monday, February 16, 2009

Notices About Paypal Subscription Cancellations

On February 14, 2009, we received this message from one of our loyal subscribers, Russ Mattice, in regards to his repeated attempts to avoid recurring charges from his NAAS-NEWS subscription. Since his daughter is no longer eligible for an NAAS award, Russ felt that it was no longer desirable to continue with his NAAS-NEWS subscription. He thought his subscription had been cancelled months ago, but a recent charge in Feb. 2009 was billed to his account. So he contacted Paypal to have his subscription re-cancelled.

He states that he has "made several attempts via email to cancel this subscription, but have not had any success. " Russ states that PayPal told him the subscription shows up as being "cancelled", but he then asked why was I charged for the $10?

Having failed to get a straight answer from Paypal, Russ turned to NAAS for a solution. The NAAS response is below:

Dear Russ:
Your email is really interesting. You should NOT be billed annually by PayPal if you have already cancelled your subscription. Since you are a PayPal member, it should take no more than a simple click of the cancellation button for your cancellation to be effective.
We will refund your monies with no problem, but if your account was charged please understand that we (merchants) have no access to your account/credit-card information. You are either being charged intentionally or by accident from PayPal.

You should know that as a merchant, we cannot "cancel" your subscription anymore than we can "create" your subscription. The only thing a merchant can do is facilitate the "creation" of your subscription via a sign-up form. You have the authority to cancel. If PayPal has engineered its software to ignore cancellation requests of its users then that is something a merchant cannot control.

As we have repeatedly stated, NAAS does NOT have access to any PayPal devices, and NAAS does not remit annual billing statements. If a subscriber is automatically billed via his/her credit-card then this act was done by PayPal employees without the consent and knowledge f NAAS. All annual billings are initiated and controlled by PayPal via its automated software program.

We are posting this message in public to reinforce the facts of NAAS policy and procedure. There is no requirement that users of NAAS products or services use PayPal. There are other ways to remit payments to NAAS.

Thank you for your message. We will periodically re-post this same message.

Todd, NAAS Analyst #4568
P.S. Also please reveiew this topic in our FAQ sections.

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