Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NAAS Subscription Renewals

We know that a year seems a long time, which it is. Think about it. For a small fee, you get access to a wide range of outstanding NAAS products and services. The time goes by so fast, that many times a subscriber actually forgets that he/she purchased a subscription until they receive a renewal notice from Paypal.

Please note that these renewal notices are NOT generated by NAAS. We also do NOT access your credit-card information. Remember, we did NOT access your credit information to begin with, therefore it is impossible to access it afterwards. Paypal keeps a log of your subscriptions, and purchases. Your credit-card information is NEVER shared with the merchant when you use Paypal. Think about! Since this is a fact, then if you have a dispute with a Paypal payment, fee, or subscription, then remember These actions are taken by Paypal.it is *IMPOSSIBLE* for the merchant to take advantage of information that is unavailable. Understand??

For cancellations, you must enter into your PayPal account, and simply cancel your subscription. For renewals, your subscription is automatically renewed if no action is taken to cancel the subscription. An NAAS Subscription renews automatically every year unless it is cancelled prior to the expiration date.

NAAS Staff

Monday, December 15, 2008

Download Free NAAS Award Applications

NAAS Applications in the Beta form are available from the NAAS.ORG websites. Forms may be downloaded, obtained vie the U.S. mail, or completed online. Visit http://www.naas.org/ for details.