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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Phone number: 775-293-4515

Anybody know the address of the criminals behind this phone number? We have tracked down their names, and status. They seem to have a track record for harassing Americans. A Google search demonstrates that their telephone calls are harrassing a number of Americans.

These calls violate express NAAS EAS/N2 Rules, and possibly federal and local anti-harassment laws.

We know they are in White Pine county, in Ely, Nevada. Apparently, the Russians or NASFAA officials are angry at our anti-Socialist news reports.

Hey, we were not the ones who underpinned the student-loan crisis, or who used crooked financial-aid counselors associated with NACAC to deceive parents and students. Also, we did not hire a nerdy federal informant by the name of Kantrowitz to generate referrals. We were not the ones who used Carnegie Mellon University as a base of Socialist and Communist political dogma; read the Kantrowitz connections to the NASFAA, Monster Inc., DOJ, FTC, and USPS, and his use of CMU addresses.

Also, we were not the organization called to the carpet by the New York Attorney General. Let's face the facts: persons and financial-aid counselors associated with NASFAA, and their government moles still have no respect for the U.S. Constitution, nor the rights of common Americans.

I suspect many of these obnoxious phone calls, are associated with persons who appear in NAAS Media Reports.

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