Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Big Stacey Abrams! 1 serving of the U.S. Vice-Presidency, Please

Big Stacey Abrams! 1 serving of the U.S. Vice-Presidency, Please Hamburger Stacey Abrams

Big Stacey Abrams! 1 serving of the U.S. Vice-Presidency, Please

By Special Correspondent:Blog Writer Ron Thomas

More Hamburgers or Vice-Presidency? What does Big Stacey Abrams Really Want?

At 5ft, 2 inches, and 189lbs., or so, Stacey Abrams would make a fine spokesperson for McDonald's, a sandwhich shop, or Burger King. Pork chops, BBQ chicken, Georgia Yams, grilled ribs, pig meat, apple pies, ice-cream, soda drnks, are some of the types of food that one can assume comes with her hefty-size.

Big Stacey Abrams has all the food she wants. When visiting Georgia restaurants, she gets free meals, and free donuts. Now, Big Stacey Abrams wants the public to believe that she wants to be Vice-President of the United States. If elected, she would outweigh the previous First Lady by 50 lbs. or so.

Who is Big Stacey Abrams?? The Georgia Democrat, who is best known for her failed gubernatorial candidacy in 2018, has launched a full-fledged campaign for the vice presidency in recent weeks.

In typical black American female fashion, her mouth has been non-stop. Big Stacey Abrams has been bold, brash, loud, and obnoxious. Big Stacey Abrams has refused to allow her weight or massive appetite to be a factor.

The linebacker-sized political candidate has been shouting and screaming to every newspaper reporter why she, of all persons, is best suited for the job of U.S. Vice-President. In doing so, Big Stacey Abrams has proved why she’s not qualified.

Big Stacey Abrams and Unqualified Women of Color

Frito-breath Stacey Abrams media tour began back in February 2020 when Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, first mentioned his campaign was seeking a female nominee. When reporters asked Big Stacey Abrams if she would be interested, Abrams acted in a way consistent with her culture: she was hyper-masculine, and did not shy away. "Of course, I want to be the U.S. Vice-President," she said at the time.

The more feminine political candidates shied away from the question.

Recently, Big Stacey Abrams has sought to apply even more aggressive tactics to literally force Joe Biden to select her.

When Big Stacey Abrams realized that fit and trim Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar were serious contenders, Big Stacey Abrams pulled out the Race-card against the more feminine white female candidates. Big Stacey Abrams, and her cast of African-American female friends, suggested that choosing anyone but a woman of color would be a disservice to the African American community.

Women of color like Sunny Hostin jumped on the Stacey Abrams Ice-Cream train. They all wanted a Black woman to be a Vice-Presidential pick although non was qualified, and all had failed to win a single state.

Political Whore Kamala Harris even touted her self-proclaimed affection for Joe Biden despite months earlier implying he was racist for not doing enough to stand against forced busing. Kamala Harris has been widely reputed to have slept her way into office. The remark about her so-called affection for Joe Biden was black-girl talk that meant Come-and-Get-It-Anytime.

Indeed, the career of Kamala Harris has relied upon a bed-to-bed relationship with paternalistic white males seeking a woman of color to dominate, control, and to be her modern Master.

Big Stacy Abrams Shifts to Prostitution Mode

Having failed at the Race-Card, Big Stacy Abrams Shifts to Prostitution Mode. Like a street-walking black female prostitute, Stacey Abrams is now playing with Kamala Harris Playbook: Big Stacy Abrams has emphatically announced her support for the former vice president as he faces an accusation of sexual assault. The accusation, made by a former congressional staffer, is “not credible,” Abrams said, citing a New York Times report that explicitly stated it could not determine Biden’s innocence or guilt at this time.

Apparently, Big Stacy Abrams has more facts, more butter, and more evidence than the vaunted investigative reporters of the New York Times. In reality, Stacey Abrams has little integrity, and she is willing to play by Black Girl Rules: Lie, cheat, and sleep with the Master to get ahead.

Stacey Abrams wants her fat face on the U.S. President ticket. Big Stacey Abrams is willing to eat 500 Big Macs, 1,000 hot dogs, 430 apple pies, 250 pizzas, or tell 1,000 lies to get the job.

Reject Unqualified Big Stacy Abrams and Her Friends

Sunny Hostin is a Latin American lawyer, columnist, journalist, masquerading as a Black woman. She is co-host on ABC's morning talk show The View as well as the Senior Legal Correspondent and Analyst for ABC News. How she obtained these jobs is very suspicious.

Sunny Hostin is a supporter of Big Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris, and any woman of color except Ms. Tulsi Gabbard.

Stacey Abrams could not win her own home state of Georgia despite free media coverage. She is of no value to Joe Biden: physically, emotionally, or politically.

Kamala Harris could not even win Iowa or New Hampshire. Kamala Harris won the State of California as a U.S. Senator only because she was backed by a small cluster of influential men who knew she could be controlled.

African-American men are not simply going to vote for a turn-coat like Kamala Harris or her fat, loud-mouth, unprofessional, and arrogant friend Stacy Abrams.

Stacy Abrams is better suited as a McDonald's spokesperson or a Burger King mascot.

That's my opinion.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

U.S. President Trump Confronts Oriental Coronavirus. Chinese upset!

U.S. President Trump Confronts Dirty Oriental Coronavirus. Chinese upset!

Chinese Coronavirus

By Special Correspondent: Ron Thomas

World Health Organization officials recently warned U.S. President Trump against calling COVID-19 the “Chinese virus”, claiming that it could unintentionally lead to racial profiling.

In fact, the coronavirus did originate from China. U.S. President Trump ignored the request from others to censor his speech. Dog face Chinese leader Xi Jinping approved of all activities that are now suspected of being involved in the production and distribution of the deadliest Chinese virus on Earth. Oriental Xi Jinping knows that the coronavirus has Chinese origins.

The ungrateful Chinese and their Oriental citizens have teamed up with dirty Russia in a military alliance against the United States despite the fact that Americans are 100% responsible for the newfound wealth of China.

History of Chinese People Being Dirty and Unsanitary

Lacking the intelligence to create their own technology, Chinese citizens steal from others, and then allow mass copy-cats in their own country.

The people of China have a history of being dirty, careless, and living in filthy, and unsanitary conditions.

It has been the culture of the Chinese people to experiment upon and then eat bats, snakes, rats, roaches, rodents, dogs, and every vile creature of the Earth.

Regardless of how the Oriental coronavirus was created, it is a scientific certainty that the dirty and deadly virus originated in Dirty China. China is the worlds trash can, and the world's Most Dirtiest Country. Chinese people gain wealth by theft, not originality.

Oriental Teacher Chong-Hwa Chang Kept Journal of Filthy Sex Acts with dirty Convict Rashid Walker.

The sexual habits of Orientals are even dirty. Consider the case of Korean Teacher Chong-Hwa Chang.

In February 2016, the dirty, smelling, and disgusting New Jersey prison teacher Chong-Hwa Chang had physical relations more than 20 times with a convicted Negro murderer who got her pregnant twice. The Oriental ape kept a Journal of Filthy Sex Acts with dirty Convict Rashid Walker. Oriental Ape Chong-Hwa Chang provided oral, anal, and every imaginable dirty sex act that came to her filthy and dirty subHuman mind.

Coronavirus tied to Dirty Chinese city Wuhan, and Made-in-China Products

According to the World Heath Organization, the coronavirus can remain on surfaces for at least 10 days. Over-night shipments and cargo from China only take a few days. Therefore, companies that rely upon shipments, cargo, or supplies, from dirty China are creating an unnecessary health risks.

Chinese products are inherently dirty, low-quality, and unsafe.

The Washington Times summoned an Israeli biological warfare expert for his professional opinion on the origins of the Oriental Virus known to the world as the coronavirus. Dany Shoham, a former Israeli military intelligence officer who has studied Chinese biowarfare, said the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) is linked to Beijing’s covert biological weapons programme.

The Lethal animal virus epidemic coronavirus, which has sent panic waves across the world, has its origins at the epicentre of the epidemic, Wuhan. The biosafety laboratory is located about 20 miles from the Hunan Seaford Market that reports from China say may have been origin point of the virus. The laboratory is the only declared site in China capable of working with deadly viruses.

In an effort to spin the facts, the dirty Chinese people have attempted to assert their outrageous claims that link the U.S. military to the origins of the virus. In fact, the Orientals of China (OOC) are liars. China created the coronavirus. Due to their incompetence, clumsiness, and inherent stupidity, and low I.Q., failed to contain their own virology experiments.

Avoid Chinese Virus/Coronavirus: Cease All Business with Dirty China

Avoid Chinese Virus/Coronavirus: Cease All Business with Dirty China. Many Americans are hooked on Made-In-China products despite evidence that this relationship is harmful to U.S. interests. It is in the best interests of the world, and Americans, that Americans refuse all products and services from Dirty China.

The rise of China in the world has been a disaster for all humans. The people of Taiwan have longed recognized the inherent inferiority of China, and the policies of the corrupt Chinese Communist Party.

Taiwan is a better city. We wish Taiwan the best.

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Friday, February 21, 2020

Meghan Markle: White Boy Harry Can't Control American Tramp!

Meghan Markle: White Boy Harry Can't Control American Tramp! Meghan Markle: Selfish American Tramp Ruins Royal Family

Money Meghan Markle: Selfish American Tramp Ruins Royal Family

By Special Correspondent:
Blog Writer Ron Thomas

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex is an American former actress and a member of the British royal family. Markle was raised in Los Angeles, California. While in Los Angeles, Meghan Markle finetuned the skills and craft needed to become a successful American gold-digger, and sexual tramp.

Like Dirty Kamala Harris, dirty Serena Williams, dirty Janet Jackson, and numerous other Negro women, she has sought to romance a naive, dumb, and stupid European man who has no experience with wily American Whores. Meghan Markle is a skilled whore. She wants to satisfy herself, and her insatiable demand for money and fame! Mr. Meghan Markle, and his wife Prince Harry are a fascinating couple, to say the least.

Meghan Markle is using her skills in Los Angeles to use her wife, Prince Harry. Any guy who has actually lived in Los Angeles in the 1980s, and 1990s, and who has dated African-American women, understand this term.

Meghan Markle is from Los Angeles. She understands the L.A. game. Meet affluent men, and use them for your personal gain, until the need to use them evaporates. Meet white boys to isolate them from their family, enslave them, and then take their money.

Meghan Markle is using White Boy Harry like a rag doll. Meghan Markle is the boss of the marraige. Meghan Markle dictates the rules. White Boy Harry will serve Meghan Markle until Meghan dismisses him as her personal servant.

White Boy Harry has failed Meghan Markle sexually, socially, and emotionally. That is why Meghhan Markle is out-of-control. What Meghan Markle really needs inside of her, White Boy Harry cannot provide. She used her previous white boy husband as a stepping stone for a gig as an actress. Now, she is using WBH to make and market Royal products.

Meghan Markle Flips-off the Queen of Britain!!

Meghan Markle has dismissed the Queen of Britain just as she would dismiss a nagging homegirl.

Bitch Meghan Markle quits the Royal Family despite pleas from Her Royal Majesty. Unwilling to accept the rich tradition of the Royal family, and tired of British restrictions on her desire to dress like a whore, act like a whore, and talk like a whore, Meghan Markle breaks free!

The unrestrained American whore leaves Great Britain for Canada with her toy White Boy, Prince Harry. Meghan Markle is simply getting herself in a position to profit off of her marriage with this British clown, and then dump him at the right time.

White Boy Harry is too weak for Meghan Markle. A 'Ho Must Be Controlled!

What Meghan Markle has done is completely predicatable. Any man who has at least 3 months of dating the vast array of whores in Los Angeles know where Meghan Markle is coming from. Add race into the mix, it's a done deal. Stick it to whitey! Go girl!!

What the world has witnessed is a Black woman rejecting the Royal Family tradition. Meghan Markle does not need money. She needs a man to restrain her, control her, and put her bitch-attitude in place.

Prince Harry lacks the ability to ride the horse of Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle needs a man who will tell her to shut-up; sit down; and, get on the bed. She does not need money, she needs real love.

Only American men of color can control American whores!! That is a fact. As an American man, we know what American whores need, and what they don't need.

Meghan Markle: It's All About Me.

Meghan Markle is no more concerned about the wishes of the Queen than the she is for a homeless man on the streets. White Boy Prince Harry thought he was getting a Lady Diana when he married a divorced Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle is older, wiser, more skilled, and way too soiled for marriage. White Boy Prince Harry is not street smart! Dumb Harry should have known that he lacks the ability to control Meghan Markle, and dominate her.

Meghan Markle needs a man who will tell her to shut-up; tell her to sit down; and, tell her to get on the bed.

The Royal Family tradition is what kept Meghan Markle under control so long, not weak-ass Prince Harriet.

Now that Mr. Meghan Markle has broken free of the Royal Family, his/her next step is to profit (that is why she doing away with Brtish funding), and then finally dump this weak Prince Harriet.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Dirty Prosecutor Kamala Harris: Uncle Tom running for U.S. President Tormented Minorities

Dirty Prosecutor Kamala Harris: Uncle Tom running for U.S. President Tormented Minorities Uncle Tom Kamala Harris

Dirty Prosecutor Kamala Harris: Uncle Tom running for U.S. President Tormented Minorities

By Special Correspondent:Blog Writer Ron Thomas

Dirty Kamala Harris: Hypocrite black girl running for U.S. President. On August 5th, 2019, a dirty and disgusting Kamala Harris remarked: we have to speak the truth that racism is real in this country. Only by speaking this truth can we begin to address and defeat it.

After persecuting racial minorities in the state of California as the California Attorney General, and as a prosecutor in San Francisco, California, Kamala Harris has the audacity to base her 2020 U.S. Presidential campaign on U.S. Civil Rights?

In truth, Kamala Harris has based her entire career as a servant to the extreme elements of the U.S. Democratic Party.

Now that Kamala Harris is running for the U.S. Presidency, she realizes that she needs the Black vote to win. Kamala Harris needs the support of Black men. In other words, Uncle Tom Kamala Harris needs to prostitute the need to win votes vs. her personal desire to distance herself from Black culture.

Kamala Harris has Relied Upon a Bed-to-Bed Relationship with Democratic Liberal White Men.

In that role, Kamala Harris has served Institutional white racism under the Democratic Party flag, and used her position as a prosecutor to persecute racial minorities in general, and to target Black men in particular.

Kamala Harris did not accidentally marry her husband. Kamala Harris intentionally and deliberately married herself a white man to further her career, and to put distance between the interests of the Black community and herself.

Indeed, the career of Kamala Harris has relied upon a bed-to-bed relationship with paternalistic white males. It is unclear of the volume of white boys that Kamala Harris has invited into her dirty bedroom. However, it is clear that Kamala Harris has slept with a sufficient volume to entice at least one to marry her.

Instead of serving the interests of the Black comuunity, Kamala Haris has sought to stimulate her personal immoral lusts.

U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard Exposes black girl Kamala Harris as a Political Con Artist

During the recent U.S. Presidential debate, U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard ( a real woman with real hair) went after Kamala Harris. The intelligent, articulate, and more polished Ms. Gabbard exposed Kamala Harris for what she truly is: An Uncle Tom hypocrite prosecutor working to deprive minorities of their U.S. Civil Rights; working to use Black men as cheap labor to fight dangerous California wildfires; fighting against the rights of black male convicts to seek evidence that might clear their names and prove that their convictions were not legitimate; using techniques and methods consistent with racist white male prosecutors to undermine the judiciary when a black man or racial minority is the defendant; and, Ms. Gabbard exposed facts that had already been known about dirty Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris is an instrument of Institutional Liberal White Racism.

Kamala Harris never faced a free woman like Tulsi Gabbard before. Coward Kamala Harris and her pitiful husband are very used to hand-cuffed and poor defendants of color. When the superior candidate Tulsi Gabbard spoke, Kamala Harris had no response.

Kamala Harris is clearly use to providing scripted responses to questions she knows in advance. U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard threw strikes while Kamala Harris was gasping for air.

Not until long after the debate, did Kamala Harris have an idea how bad Tulsi Gabbard took ker down with a TKO. Kamala Harris wanted to point to the polling numbers of Ms. Gabbard rather use opposition facts.

Kamala Harris sought to use the same cheap and dirty tactics of racist prosecutors by seeking to diminish her adversary.

Dirty Kamala Harris is a Political Prostitute

Kamala Harris is a Political Prostitute willing to say snything for votes. The record of Kamala Harris as a U.S. Attorney General is clear. The record of Kamala Harris as a city prosecutor is on public display. Morevover, the marraige of Kamala Harris is an indictment against her claims to be a supporter of U.S. Civil Rights.

Kamala Harris is hunting for black votes the same way she hunted for a white man to marry. Her goal: The U.S. Prsidency. Did Kamala Harris not know that U.S. Senator Cory Booker is already running? Of course she did. Kamala Harris running for the U.S. Presidency while an able-bodied Black man is also running is the height of disrespect.

Vote No Against Dirty Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris speaks like a snake, and uses two tongues. There are only two possible votes for the minority community: Tulsi Gabbard or Cory Booker. Kamala Harris is not legitimate.

Kamal Harris sold her soul to the Devil for economic fortune and publicity. If Kammla Harris were deciding to prosecute the Emmitt Till Case, she would have freed the white men without a trial.

A vote for Kamala Harris is a vote for corruption, dishonesty, and moral turpitude, and Institutional Racism. Reject tramp Kamala Harris!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Missing Utah student Mackenzie Lueck Exposed as Sugar Baby Tramp

Missing Utah student Mackenzie Lueck Exposed as Sugar Baby Tramp

Missing Utah student Mackenzie Lueck Exposed as Gold-Digger Sugar Baby Tramp.

By Special Correspondent:Blog Writer Ron Thomas

Another gold-digger. Another SugarBaby. Another tramp. Mackenzie Lueck, a 23-year-old University of Utah student, texted her parents on June 17 to let them know she had landed safely at the Salt Lake City airport, her father told Fox News. Nobody has heard from her in the weeks since.

Mackenzie Lueck

According to Salt Lake City police, Lueck landed home from a trip around 1 a.m. She then ordered a rideshare service to an unfamiliar address in North Salt Lake City, The Salt Lake Tribune reports. According to friends, Lueck’s phone has been off since she went missing, her car is still at her home, and her luggage hasn’t been found. She has not shown up to work, or class, since that early morning ride.

Mackenzie Lueck Chased Sin, and Sin Caught Mackenzie Lueck

According to Salt Lake City media, Mackenzie Lueck has been tied to Social media posts that seek sugar daddy type relationships.

Was Blonde-Haired Mackenzie Lueck Selling Access to her Dirty Vagina?

Was Blonde-Haired Mackenzie Lueck Selling Access to her Dirty Vagina? Mackenzie Lueck never contacted this Author, and never sought approval from any Paster or Religious figure for engaging in her practices. The question remains was this University of Utah students selling, bargaining, or bartering for access to her dirty vagina?

Ayoola Ajayi, 31, was charged with aggravated murder, aggravated kidnapping, obstructing justice and desecration of a human body, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said at a recent news conference. Was Ayoola Ajayi a SugarDaddy to the blonde-haired Mackenzie Lueck , and if not, what exactly was there relationship? Was Ayoola Ajayi a paying customer or client to the blonde-haired Mackenzie Lueck?

An investigative news agency called KSL Investigates claims to have obtained what appears to be a dating profile for the 23-year-old on a website called Seeking Arrangements. The site claims to match gold-diggers or young tramps looking for older, more affluent people for dates – sometimes in exchange for money. Was Mackenzie Lueck offering her dirty vagina in exchange for money, or using her dirty vagina to bait men?

A spokesperson for Seeking Arrangements, claims there are 31,476 users of the site in Utah, and that the site targets blonde-haired college girls like Mackenzie Lueck who have limited I.Q., or loose morals.

Mackenzie Lueck was Dating Multiple Men without a Marraige Certificate.

Mackenzie Lueck was Dating Multiple Men without a Marraige Certificate. Her friends admit that Mackenzie Lueck was dating. Was Mackenzie Lueck a virgin? That is the only question we really need to know. The Salt Lake City Police department has not provided details about the explicit physical activities of Mackenzie Lueck, ro the names and addresses of her suepcted customers.

Multiple media sites have linked Mackenzie Lueck to dating multple men, online dating apps, and simply being a care-free, loose-legged, blonde-haired tramp, with little or no morals. Who knows how many men Mackenzie Lueck dated, or slept with? Did she have HIV or Herpes?

Finally, on June 28th, 2019, Mackenzie Lueck ran her final Lap for Sin. The Salt Lake City Police Department announced that the man she was attracted to, the man she trusted, the man she met at 3:00am in the morning, the man she was accepting money from in exchange for sleeping with her filthy body, would be charged for her Murder also.

Mackenzie Lueck Rejected Normal Men

Mackenzie Lueck Rejected Normal Men, and instead sought men who would provide her a dirty relationship. Why not meet a normal guy? The parents of Mackenzie Lueck have refused to denounce her apparent lifestyle of dirty relationships. They have misled the public into believing that Mackenzie Lueck was a modeen Marsha Brady: a clean, non-profane blonde-girl attracted to educated men.

Rest in peace Ms. Mackenzie Lueck. We mean no disreepct to you or your family.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Stereotypical Angry Black Woman Cadesha Bishop Pushes Elderly man to his death.

Angry Cadesha Bishop

Angry Black Woman Cadesha Bishop Pushes elderly man to his death.

By Special Correspondent: Ron Thomas

25 year-old ape woman Cadesha Bishop is being charged in the death of an innocent, and humane elderly man. A month after this man was pushed from a public transit bus, he died from his injuries.

Cadesha Bishop, the 25-year-old so-called woman was arrested May 6 on a murder charge in the death of Serge Fournier. A Las Vegas judge set a preliminary hearing on July 17, 2019. The public s requested to show-up and to demand the Death Penalty.

A Las Vegas judge set bond at $100,000 bond. Animal Cadesha Bishop is now free on bond despite having not proved herself to be civilized.

Tramp Cadesha Bishop Shares Traits common with Black Women: Mature Men Not Respected.

Having taught at numerous high-schools, and middle-schools, and having interacted with both black female students, as well as professional black females at their places of employment, it is common for black females to openly disrespect older, wiser, and mature men.

For Cadesha Bishop to violently disrespect the rights of Serge Fournier, it is no surpise to any Educator or civilized person that has to put up with the stench of a black womans's filthy personality. Unless their is a sexual interest in the male, the black girl will not be capable of conducting herself like a civilized human.

To put the actions of Cadesha Bishop in context, if this sorry and worthless animal was physically attracted to Serge Fournier, the incident would not have taken place. Animal Cadesha Bishop was angry at the mere sight of an elderly man whom she cold not fantasize about. A substantial number of Black women, black girls, and their daughters that were born after 1980, simply think like female animals in heat.

Western-born black females will curse at, lie to, and disrespect the more wiser and the more stable elderly men. This disrespect reaches all men.

Death Penalty Urged for Murderer Cadesha Bishop.

The outrageous actions of 25 year-old Cadesha Bishop on a public transit that resulted in the murder of an innocent man warrants the death penalty.

Local Police claim that animal Cadesha Bishop had been yelling profanities on the bus, cursing like an uncivilized ape, acting like ungrateful former slave; and, that she ultimately shoved Mr. Fournier off the bus like a coward. Mr. Fournier had told ape-girl Cadesha Bishop to be nicer to the passengers, according to her arrest report.

Instead of acting like a civilized human, Cadesha Bishop became further enraged. All that Cadesha Bishop was concerned about was hurting an innocent man. She was acting like the stereotypical black female: Loud, angry, uncivilized, disrespectful, profane, and dirty.

After being assaulted by a live ape-girl, ak/a/ Cadesha Bishop, Fournier landed on his head about 8 feet from the bus. Cadesha Bishop walked away without offering help, police said.

Cadesha Bishop was on the bus with her son at the time, thus proving she is no virgin. Filthy Cadesha Bishop opened up her legs to a man she was sexually attracted to, but pushed another man to his death because she was not attracted to him.

Cadesha Bishop, Ashley Jones,  Yenesis Alfonso, Courtney Harper

However, due to the fetish fantasies that white male Clark County District Attorneys have regarding black females, and their use of Black female employees and black female Deputy District Attorneys, as office tramps assigned to unfairly prosecute black males, minorities, and poor whites, one should not expect any serious sentence for Cadesha Bishop.

Black female rapist Tannike Queen (a/k/a/ Jungle Queen Tannika, was sentenced to probation; black female child abuser Melody Carter was sentenced to probation;etc.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Low I.Q. Bimbo Danielle Ford Targets "Colored" Persons

Low I.Q. Bimbo Danielle Ford Uses Racial Slur from 1950's Era.

By Special Correspondent: Ron Thomas

Nevada has long been associated with accepting mediocrity, hiring criminals and prostitutes, erasing criminal records, hiring females based upon intimate output vs. qualifications, and then electing persons based upon photogenic qualities.

Both Danielle Ford and Kali Fox Miller, ran as candidates for CCSD Board of Trustee District F. The more photogenic sandidate, Danielle Ford, won. Is it any wonder that high-school drop-out Clark County School District Trustee Danielle Ford would later use a racial slur directed at Blacks during a trustee meeting??? It is doubtful that Kali Fox Miller, a black woman, would have done this.

Kali Fox Miller was defeated by Danille Ford because Kali Fox Miller did not address the facts about Danielle Ford. Danielle Ford is a high-school drop out for a reason. Deal with it! Danielle Ford is a classic bimbo: an unqualified woman with blonde-hair, very willng legs, a genetically inferior I.Q. level, and a desire to get ahead at all costs. Apparently, insulting working moms is an option for Danielle Ford to win points.

Nevada residents elected Danielle Ford, and voted this blonde-bimbo into the position of a Clark County School District Trustee. The brain of Danielle Ford is either 80% helium or plain air.

Investigation of Clark County School District Trustee Danielle Ford

The CCSDTalk Mobile app is designed to address bimbo acts by Clark County School District Trustees.

Yet, Danielle Ford did dowload the CCSDTalk Mobile app before she decided to refer to Black students with a racial slur. Apparently, bimbo Danielle Ford got the years confused because there so much air circulating between her ears!

Wake-up Danielle Ford! Thw year is actually 2019, not 1951!

The fact that Nevada residents elected a dumb high-school drop like Danielle Ford, who apparently DOES NOT HAVE THE I.Q. LEVEL to know that certain words are racial slurs, is hypocrticial. Nevada residents want to improve the sorry state of their education system, but chose to elect a blonde-haired bimbo who probably reads 1 book every 5 years!!

Bimbo Danielle Ford Tied to Sexually suggestive photos

In further evidence of her genetic inferiority, Danielle Ford solicited a modeling company, and posted pictures of herself with very little clothing on in 2012. Danielle Ford claimed the following: "I AM A LAS VEGAS NATIVE, SINGLE MOMMY OF 2, MODEL, ONLINE MARKETER AND POKER PLAYER."

In other words, Danielle Ford is no model. She opened up her dirty legs at least twice for a male who was her genetically inferior equal. Only a guy with a limited brain sees anything attractive about Danielle Ford.

Minority and Black Residents Urged to Recall Low I.Q. Danielle Ford

Like many bimbos, and other subHumans, Danielle Ford wishes she could apply make-up to her brain the way she applies make to her face.

Danielle Danielle Ford issued a cheap apology for her actions. The apology of Danielle Ford is as valuable as her dirty tampons. The vagina of Danille Ford smells exactly the same as all other blondes. Yet, she thinks is special.

Danielle Ford is a stinking blonde-bimbo with an inferior brain; only a person of extreme stupidity and dumbness would not know that the racial slur used by Danielle Ford was not offensive.

Black and minority residents SHOULD NOT ACCEPT the phony excuses of this privileged bimbo when there is no record of her having ever dated or married a member of the community she insulted.

Danille Ford really thinks she is special. She is very special: a low I.Q. bimbo with no qualifactions for any legitimate job, who was elected by a populace that does not value intellect. Great job Danielle!!

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